RESEARCH - The force behind Academic Excellence

One of the most important driving forces behind the earnest attempt to reach heights of academic brilliance at the institute has been the ongoing research activity. In their endeavour to enrich knowledge in contributing towards quality education, faculty members in all departments have been doing consistent research work.

Some of the faculty members are presently working towards gaining their Faculty members have contributed papers at the National and International venues. They used to regularly attend conferences to gain more deeper understanding of their research areas. School strongly believes in the dictum that knowledge grows when shared and encourages faculty members to do so.

In the last four years two faculty members have been awarded their doctoral degree. Presently ten faculty members are pursuing their doctoral programme. Highly competent, qualified and dedicated team including senior professors with rich experience forms the core of the school faculty. Membership to professional bodies – Computer Society of India (CSI) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) facilitate the conduct of expert lectures, technical talks, seminars, conferences and help promote industry interface. By encouraging students to participate in co-curricular activities, the dedicated staff members focus on the all-round development of every individual student.

Recently awarded Doctoral Degrees are:

Identifying areas of special interests of faculty members happen through basic activities like paper presentations and publications, which forms the basis of Research.

Journal Publications

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Papers presented at International and National Conferences

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