The best way of experiencing culture and tradition is through direct learning and participation. Hence, we have organized art clubs of different streams for unleashing the artistic and creative potential ingrained in our students. 

The Beginning: Natyashastra

The Indian dramatic art is called Natya. Shastra is the term accepted in Indian tradition for the holy writ dedicated to a particular field of knowledge. Natyashastra is a work by sage Bharata Muni. It is the oldest surviving text on performing art in the world and is believed to have been written between 200BC and 200AD. Natyashastra is incredibly wide in its scope. It covers theatre, dance, music and every aspect of stage craft. Especially important for Indian classical musicians, it is the only text which gives such detail about music and instruments of the period. Thus, Natyashastra is regarded as the foundation of the fine arts in India.

Starting from the rich source of Natyashastra, Indian arts have been growing in far-reaching dimensions influenced by many cultures in a globalized environment. Samskriti is dedicated to supporting our students in discovering their artistic talents and reviving Indian arts in all possible ways. 

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