Amrita’s education technologies AMPLE (Amrita Multiplatform for Personalized Learning and Evaluation) can be used for Innovative Learning and Teaching Assessments by educational institutions. Using AMPLE system, students can access best E-learning contents, uniformity in learning across the states, monitoring and troubleshooting based on the analytics, and get access to online experts live in different subjects to them. Here are the high level features and modules of AMPLE.

Content Management System (CMS)

Course Creator

AMPLE is provided with a Content Management System (CMS) that is capable of uploading learning e-Content in the form of videos, PDFs, documents and SCORM packages. Along with content, content creators can upload questions into question banks in AMPLE and generate assessments out of the question banks.

Course Editor

The Course Editor function in the Course Management System allows a trainer to edit and add to existing courses. You may add or remove videos and other content into any course and even add to or edit the existing course structure made up of chapters and sections.

Learning Management System (LMS)

One of the key features of AMPLE is the Learning Management System. In this system, learners are delivered content in the form of videos, SCORM packages, PDFs, documents; question banks; and assessments.

Video Content

PDF Content

SCORM Content

The content and assessments are divided into chapters, sections and units. Trainers can deliver timed graded assessments to learners from the existing questions on the question bank.

Access the course on the Kaushal Sangham platform. Navigate through the course from the left panel and access the content on the right panel.

Navigate through the course on the left panel. The course is divided into Chapters with several units under each unit.

The course content will be shown on the right pane as below.

Content may be viewed in Full Screen

Learner may rate content as follows

Learner Sign Up

Ample provides an easy and intiuitive way for students to register in the platform. They have to provide basic details like name, contact and email id.

Based on their registration, they receive a confirmation mail to activate their account as shown below:


Three Assessment Systems (Practice/ Graded/ Final)

AMPLE provides three main kinds of assessment systems.

  • Practice Assessments – These assessments can be delivered to learners by trainers and maybe attempted by learners any number of times. These assessments are for practice and the results may not contribute to final grades.
  • Graded Assessments – These assessments maybe delivered by trainers to learners to be taken only once. The results of graded assessments do contribute to the performance indicators of learners.
  • Final Assessments – These are the final assessments delivered to students, usually towards certification purposes.

Examination Paper Generation& Edit/Enter Marks

From the existing question bank in AMPLE, trainers can generate examination papers for regular examinations in schools and colleges. This examination paper may be generated in the same template as traditional examination papers.

In Class Assessment and Attendance System (Amrita Cards)

AMPLE is equipped with an in class assessment system called Amrita Cards, which allows a trainer to test students with multiple choice questions in a smart classroom. When a question is displayed from AMPLE on a classroom display, students raise paper cards with four choices embedded in them.

The trainer scans the cards using an Android mobile app. With the roll numbers of students embedded in Amrita Cards, it is possible to use this system to record attendance of students as well.

Offline AMPLE (works without Internet)

AMPLE can be installed offline on a campus LAN or a Wi-Fi network. This allows AMPLE to be accessed without access to an internet connection. The content and assessments in these installations will be made available on a local server in the network. The reports and content from the local offline versions of AMPLE may be synced with cloud version manually. In such instances, the data will be shared with cloud version over limited internet connection. This helps AMPLE to be used effectively in rural areas with poor or no internet connectivity.

Progress and Performance Indicators

AMPLE provides progress and performance indicators to trainers and other key stakeholders. Progress indicators point to the amount of content that is consumed by learners individually (and as groups). Performance indicators helps stakeholders with information on results of graded assessments by learners.

Training Center Management

Along with managing trainers and students centrally, AMPLE may be used to manage individual training centers or schools with a number of trainers and students. The training center manager will be able to track progress and performance of trainers and students using the training center management module. The data of training center managers maybe tracked centrally by Program Managers.

National Program Management at central levels

AMPLE provides program management modules at the central level that oversees operations at National Level, State Level and District level. Progress and Performance indicators at central level helps stakeholders to take decisions effectively.

Dashboards and Reports

AMPLE provides several dashboards and reports to various stakeholders such as trainers, training center managers and national program managers on various aspects of student progress, logins, and performances.

Personalized Learning

AMPLE can delivered personalized learning to learners based on their performance on certain assessments. Initially the package measures the level of learners based on a few questions (if the learner is above Level, at level or below Level) and then delivers content and further assessments to learners based on their level of performance. Remedial actions are automatically recommended to learners based on their overall performance levels.

The above graph shows the performance learners, as per their levels attained in assessments.

This module also provides reports of attainment level to teachers. It indicates the number of learners at various level along with their names. This helps them to identify the students who are weak at particular topics and can take remedial actions. Such kind of personalized report for teachers is shown below:

Outcome Based Learning

AMPLE provides trainers the method to set course outcomes for individual courses and program outcomes for the overall program that is linked to the courses. Based on performance of learners, the outcomes are measured for course level and program level. This feature maybe used for setting job role outcomes and also for university level outcome calculations for accreditation processes (for example by NBA – National Board of Accreditation).

Course/ Video Encryption

In case courses are deployed in local centers or in offline mode, the courses in AMPLE may be encrypted so that they may not be copied and used elsewhere from the local centers. This feature ensures the safety of courses and control content piracy.

Reusable Competency Library

AMPLE provides a library of reusable competencies that may be used for creating courses. Certain competencies may be common across courses and they may be reused; but need not be created afresh each time they are required.

Competencies maybe added to the library and they are used by reference, when they are used in individual courses.

Lesson Plan with Calendar

AMPLE provides a lesson plan for upcoming lessons integrated with a calendar. This calendar maybe exported to a Google Calendar, so that learners and trainers may get notifications from Google about upcoming lessons.

Discussion Forum with Chat

AMPLE is integrated with a discussion forum, where in students and trainers may discuss with each other on assessments, lessons, doubts and their progress and performances. These forums maybe of a general nature or specific to each course or program.