Oral Presentation (BioX)

“Inviting innovative ideas against microwars.” Wondering how to bring out the trailblazer in you? Here is the chance! We bring you an amazing opportunity to display your original research presentation based on the theme: “Antimicrobial Resistance – The Race of the Century.” A presentation based on tackling “Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)” and your findings are open! Time to let your thoughts and creativity flow spontaneously! Event is open for Postgraduate students, Research scholars and Faculties.

1st prize

₹ 10,000 & 

2nd prize

₹ 5,000 &

3rd prize

₹ 3,000 &
  1. Send us a short abstract of 200 words summarizing the main findings of your study. Use the template provided for submitting the abstract. The last date for submitting your abstract is 15th February
  2. All abstracts will be reviewed by expert panel members. Top 15 abstracts will be selected for the competition.
  3. The list of participants will be updated in the dash board.
  4. The Oral presentation is limited to 7 mins followed by a 3 min discussion.
  5. Participants has to upload their presentations in the form of PowerPoint presentation (.ppt) on or before 20th February in the link provided.
  6. Each presentation will be evaluated by independent juries and the outstanding three presentations will be given the Best Paper award (First, Second and Third).

Present your ideas to handle the resistance.
All the best!
Last Date for Registration : 15th February