A platform to pitch in fresh innovative ideas aiming to arm ourselves in the battle of “Man vs Microbes” – Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Prove your talent and knowledge by coming up with your most creative ideas; show it off to the world by presenting it to a panel of Masterminds who will evaluate your work. The winners of this event will be receiving exciting prizes along with an e-certificate! Event is open for Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Research scholars.

1st prize

₹ 10,000 &

2nd prize

₹ 5,000 &

3rd prize

₹ 3,000 &
  1. It is an individual event.
  2. Abstract summarizing key features of your ideas (5 key points) can be entered in the space provided (with 200 words max). Submit your abstract by 15th February.
  3. List of selected participants after review from our expert panel will be displayed in the dash board.
  4. Selected candidates will be provided 5 minutes to explain their work, followed by a 3 minutes discussion.
  5. Design and express your ideas using a PowerPoint presentation (max. 5 slides).
The ball is in your court and the freedom to strike is yours; hope you all make the best use out of it! All the very best!
Last Date for Registration : 15th February