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Tomography of Salmonella in-vivo persistence during antimicrobial chemotherapy identifies actionable host contributions

Shridhar has more than 16 years of drug discovery and development experience in Indian pharmaceutical industry in various therapeutic areas. Shridhar holds a basic degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Mumbai, a PhD in Pharmacology from Ohio State University, and has post-doctoral experience in Neuropharmacology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Shridhar, a serial entrepreneur, is currently Founder Director and Chief Executive Officer of Foundation for Neglected Disease Research (FNDR), a not for profit company with a mission to discover and develop drugs for diseases of the developing world. Shridhar was appointed Vice President and Head of Innovative Science for the Infection Innovative Medicines group at AstraZeneca, India and was responsible for the discovery and development of 2 potential clinical candidates in TB and malaria. In this role, Shridhar has been responsible for the design and implementation of the scientific and business strategy for drug discovery and development, managing a team of scientists in biology, DMPK, safety pharmacology, and regulatory toxicology and clinical development.  Throughout his career, Shridhar has overseen the Discovery and Development of 18 clinical candidates in the areas of infection, oncology, diabetes, inflammation and respiratory diseases. He has also executed out-licensing deals with major pharma as well as in-licensing of candidates (NCE/NBE) which are in active development. This has generated revenues in excess of 180 million USD. As part of FNDR, Shridhar has managed to raise donations worth 2.7 million USD from AstraZeneca, more than 2 million USD in grant money from the funding agencies and around 5 million USD in investment into preclinical and clinical asset development by partners over the last 4 years. Shridhar has been a member of joint research committees, academic and industry collaborations and has served as a Ph.D. guide. Shridhar has more than 50 publications and 10 patents to his credit.