Unbridled.  Why Not?

Listed are free-wheeling thoughts, crazy at best and utopian at worst

  • Imagine a scenario where drug evolves naturally keeping pace with development of resistance in microorganisms. This technology could be called as WTG4T
  • (When the Tough Gets Going the Going Gets Tough)
  • Antibiotic pills needs to be fitted with sensors, if not consumed, sends signals to the physician; a remote stewardship to monitor compliance of the prescribed regimen; a sort of antibiotic lie detector. This technology can be christened as CRYFATech (Cry For Attention Technology)
  • Antibiotics sold through medical shops should be paid with prescription slips not through currency. The owner can produce the prescription slips in a bank and collect his/her due. Only problems I envisage are bouncing prescription and counterfeit slips. Presenting ladies and gentlemen! NTOCS (No to Over the Counter Sales)
  • Handheld, low-cost antibiotics trace detection sensor that empower customers to purchase antibiotic-free meat and vegetables. Should be made mandatory to carry the device during shopping. The deterrent is customer won’t buy stuff with traces of antibiotics and in turn company will incur a huge loss. Introducing, RGOB (Reform or Go Out of Business) technology.
  • Removing the selection pressure (exposure to antibiotics) for many generations will strip microbes of its resistance? If a so kind of ceasefire agreement should be put in place.
  • Colistin should be conferred with ‘Last Drug Standing (LDS)’ award and the ‘Last Laugh (LL)’ award to ESKAPE. LL should be given out by 2050 otherwise it had to be received posthumously.
  • Better funding for companies that venture to produce novel antibiotics. The public funding should have a polite name like PPNA Fund (Please Produce Novel Antibiotics Fund)
  • Should have a museum for de-commissioned antibiotics. Sure, there won’t be dearth of exhibits.
  • Lets us make plates with MDR strains and go on a vacation hoping ‘history will repeat’. If it does, the event should be called as ‘Serendipity 2.0’. Just Flemming.
  • I like the word ‘Post-AMR’


A Warrior of AMR