The Rise of Bharat

The ancients hailed Mahabharata as a compendium of supreme wisdom. Many have explored its myriad facets, and interpretative efforts continue to this day. Yet others have assimilated its ethos and live by it. Not a few see the epic as a priceless literary gem. It is also a perennial source of spiritual succour. For those who have lost their way in the dark moments of life, Mahabharata sheds the light of discernment.

Karma Theory and Harmonious Living (Part - 1/2 )

Karma Theory and Harmonious Living (Part - 1/2 )

Lessons on Friendship

Duryodhana and Karna as friends

Following the Journey of Alamthuruthy Bhagavati: A Vaishnava Depiction of Kuṇdalini Traversing through Ṣaṭ-Cakras

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Yoga Yatra - A Trail to Experience Patanjali's Astanga Yoga

“yogena yogo jñātavyo yogo yogātpravartate” which means yoga should be comprehended through yoga since yoga itself is a teacher. This definition of yoga was commented by Vyasa, the first commentator of Yoga sutras of Patanjali.