Amrita and ISRO launch Joint Venture to Explore Meteorological Parameters

For further meteorological studies a balloon borne field experiment explored parameters such as gradient of temperature, pressure, humidity and wind flow profiles in the complete troposphere, in its entire 30 kilometers height from the sea level.   

ASCOM Faculty Members Exult in Success

An Amrita research paper titled Transcending Gender: Advertising Fairness Cream for Indian Men was recently published in the international journal Media Asia. The paper is authored by Sudha Venkataswamy, Vice Chairperson and Assistant Professor at Amrita School of Communication.

National Pharmacy Week Observed

Amrita School of Pharmacy observed National Pharmacy Week from` December 16– 21, 2013 at the Health Sciences Campus. This year’s theme was The Pharmacist: A Healthcare Professional.  

Open Source Contribution From IoT Project

SPARK is an open source in-memory cluster computing framework getting so much attention these days, just like Hadoop. Initially it was developed in UC Berkely AMPLab and now an Apache Incubator Project.