Neuron Simulator Virtual Lab in School of Biotechnology

For educating classroom students with Neuronal biophysics, a new neuron simulator has been developed. The simulator models the properties of a Hodgkin-Huxley neuronal model.

Electrical analog of a Neuron

Can the biological equivalent of action potential reproduced through electrical circuits? Here, we address this question by generating the action potential on electrical hardware built with simple components which can be remotely triggered by the user.

Objectives :

Annual TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security Meet (TOC) 2009 Held

The annual TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security Meet (TOC) 2009 was held at Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), Coimbatore from December 23-24, 2009 and PSG Exhibition on December 22, 2009.