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  • Contemporary political leaders of India can take a cue from the Mahabharata not only in day to day administration, but even in other matters including foreign policy, national security, citizen welfare etc.
  • Here's how.

Mahabharata is a bedrock of values indigenous to India. The most important among the Indic values is the concept of Dharma. The itihasa is hence eternally relevant and is a reference at times of dilemma or when seeking guidance. Mahabharata has a special place as a handbook for individual and state dharma, because it provides case studies spanning across several generations and in some cases across multiple births of the same jiva. This comprehensive nature of case studies helps us to zoom in on the best option suitable for us, irrespective of us being student, teacher, citizen, soldier, minister, diplomat or whatever possible role that can be imagined.

Author : Sivanandan D. S.

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