The Directorate for Corporate and International Relations (CIR) assists with the placement of students, providing specialized training to supplement their academic curriculum. Nearly all major companies, including MNCs – employers – in India visit Amrita, for recruitment.

Companies from other countries, especially from the Middle East, also recruit students from Amrita. Experienced teams of counsellors and training officers assist with our student training, campus placements and corporate relations in our various campuses.

A full-fledged CCR dept with dedicated staff closely work with corporates and premier national institutions to elicit best support for all University activities and programs. CCR is committed to provide the best career opportunities to the students by maintaining close rapport with potential recruiters. Among the various activities of the CCR, the primary function is the design and delivery of high quality training programs to deliver high quality competency skills for our students.

The training activities of the centre are structured to cover a wide range of programmes like training in quantitative methods, logical and analytical reasoning, verbal skills, communication skills, group discussion and interview techniques, interpersonal skills and so on. The training helps the students to have confidence in their ability to face competition and stand scrutiny by organizations, which come to the campus for placements. Centre has an in-house training team who takes care of providing all the required training for the students. Currently we have a 10 member strong team which is led by a highly successful soft skills trainer from US.

Perhaps we are one of the first institutions to make the soft skills training a part of the regular curriculum, On an average a student would be undergoing more than 240 hrs of soft skills training before the placement season begins. Progress of the students is rigorously monitored by means of weekly online tests.

Life Skills

Life skills are some of the most important ingredients in the recipe of success. People who lack these life skills often lose out on real success, however brilliantly they may perform in academics. On the other hand, people having these qualities invariably find success, be it in school, college, profession, business or even marriage and social relationships. Significant attention is given at Amrita to improve many skills and competencies in our graduates; such as Group Discussion and Interview coaching, Communication skills, Problem solving, Leadership, Motivation, Team building, Creative thinking and Stress Management.

Communicative English

Increasingly, the demand for mastery over English, the primary business language, is being manifest in various recruitment drives of companies. Soft skills can be developed only on a sound foundation of English proficiency. We have integrated language sessions in our regular training programmes. Skills being imparted include spoken English, vocabulary or word power, grammar, reading comprehension and business English. The services of native English speakers and faculty specially trained in finest institutions abroad are being utilized to achieve a high degree of language proficiency in our students.

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative tests are conducted by companies as part of the recruitment process to assess the n of a candidate's decision making abilities, time management skills, reasoning abilities, crisis management skills and so on. At Amrita, students get the benefit of being trained extensively in Problem Solving or Quantitative ability, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Logical & Analytical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and data sufficiency.

Career Guidance

Apart from these trainings, for students who opt for higher studies, services of specialist agencies are commissioned for CAT and GRE training, at the campus. CCR also organizes various events in the Campus that enables student to learn valuable skills in communication, leadership, and teamwork, gives students exposure to work place environment by inviting senior managers and executives from the industry and arrange interactive sessions with them. This helps the students to clarify their career goals while in Campus itself.