K. Srinivasan Varadhan, 1999 – 2003 B.Tech Mechanical Engg, Completed MBA at National University of Singapore Business School and is employed at cognizant Business Consuting “ The scope of learning I had from Amrita was well beyond what I could have ever imagined. The tenure hare was that of a holistic development, with genuine guidance through my mistakes and achievements. AMRITA is a home away from home, the only place where I will always continue to draw inspiration & wisdom from.

Srivathsan Kannan, 2002- 2006, B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Presently working as Revenue Analyst Superintendent at Emirates Airlines, Dubai “AMRITA has given me great mental strength and knowledge that is helping me very much in my work today. Amrita has removed my fear of the world outside, by providing various socio-educational opportunities (symposiums, seminars, cultural activities etc…) thereby transforming me from a lonely average schooler to a decent socializer and eventful worker. Both the above have taken me to my present level and strong believe will take me higher.

Jeetu 2008 - 2010 MBA says that "I joined amrita without any inclinations, I didnt came here with any expectations but this institution enriched me with a perfect blend of knowledge,skills and spirituality.It taught me to become a manager of my life and not just a professional manager.

Our Alumni Soundarya Shanmugham 2002 - 2006, B.Tech Information Technology Completed her MBA from McCoy School of Business and is a software architect at Performance Center for Excellence(PCoE) at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD),Austin,Texas, USA.

Our VIP's

Shri Sudheendra Kulkarni, Director (Communications and Research), Prime Ministers Office
"I am truly happy at being at this extraordinary institute. It has shown what the power of devotion can do. India needs many, many more such devotion-driven centers of science and technology"


Dr. P.L. Sanjeeva Reddy, Secretary, Ministry of Rural Employment and Poverty Alleviation, Government of India

"An institution, which is value driven and spiritually sustained. The dedication and commitment for achieving excellence should make this institution an inspiring role model for similar institutions. I have pleasure in wishing this institution splendid and spectacular success in all its activities"


Dr. D.N Tiwari, Member, Planning Commission, Government of India

"I am impressed with the dedicated students and faculty members of the institute. Environment of the campus is praiseworthy. Notification of this institute as Deemed University will go a long way in influencing Human Resource Development in the country"


Mr. T.K.A Nair, Chairman, Public Enterprises Selection Board, Government of India, 

"Within a short span of six years, this institution has established itself as a center of excellence in learning. Thanks to the dedicated service of all those, who are associated with it. For me, it is like a pilgrimage and I pay my humble homage to Amma and Her devoted followers from different walks of life, who are contributing to the building of this great institution"

Distinguished Visitors from Industry to the Campus

Mr. S. Ramadorai, CEO, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai

"The total dedication, focus, commitment all are materialized. An eye-opener to what is possible in a short time is remarkable. Best of luck."


Mr. S. D. Shibulal, Founder Director, Infosys Technologies, Bangalore

"Pleasure and privilege to be here. Excellent work. Great facilities. More than that dedicated people."


Padmashri Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Chairman, Dishnet- DSL, Pune and architect of India’s First indigenous super-computer, PARAM

"Science and Technology is an integral part of the whole knowledge, which we are seeking through out our evolution. Spirituality and science must see that synthesis in this institute, which is blessed by Amma"


Mr. Marcus Wah-Onn Lim, Manager Education Programs- Asia Pacific, Cisco Systems, USA

"The facilities have improved tremendously since my last visit 2 years ago and this is definitely one of the most forward looking institutions in India."

What Our Students Say?

I have great privilege to choose Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham says Nadhini chandra who is first year student of MSW. Here, I have better opportunity for integrated development of my personality and broaden the vision through excellent facilities, infrastructure, curriculum, interaction with faculty, students as well as other institutions of higher learning from India and abroad. On comparing the course content of the departments of Social Work in India I prefer the social work at this University due to the course content, teaching learning methodology, collaboration with social agencies, collaboration with universities in India and abroad. Certainly, I have great honor to state that there are ample opportunities in Department of Social Work to develop a totally new perspective of the global society & commit with the social responsibilities and a sustainable and peaceful world. The MSW program provides an opportunity to the students with social commitment by providing hands on experience to face practical situation during course work. I also get an opportunity for intensive learning in the classroom as well as professionally supervised agencies.

At ASCOM u get the exposure which is hard to get in any other institution. One gets chances to report in various occasions that are unseen by others. Above all it’s the ethics that Amrita teaches puts you on par with others says Gauranga Banerji.

A final B.Tech (IT) student Kirtika Ramraj says that the nature work was at its best in this campus. She is very much inspired by the functions like Amritotsavam and Gokulashtami celebrated in the campus. She adds that this institution not only ensure good education but also ensures a good career. The CIR dept gave her intensive training and helped her to develop the confidence which she shared with us.