Thousands of students have got their prized possession of their Graduate, Undergraduate  & post graduate degrees doctoral as well as post doctoral fellowship from Amrita Health Science Campus belonging to Amrita Vishwa Vidyeetham University which improved their lives and brightened their future. Every conceivable field in which the Alumni have earned their degrees, works in different countries throughout the globe. 

Among Alumnies Health care workers, administrators, entrepreneurs, Scientists, Educators, Volunteers are in every aspirable positions.  More than 2500 students are pursuing their higher goal from our Campus and as Alumni, you are critical and ideals to follow for their success.

During this time of the global crisis of Covid 19, the world is under stress and we know that you are trying to cope with.  In Amrita Campus despite all the stress and drawbacks of this present situation, Research is going on in every conceivable field and Research Grants are received and we have been selected by the Govt. of India as an Institution of Eminence. With full thrust given to online teaching, we are developing some online degrees wherein lab work is not needed in Nanoscience.

health-science prospectesAmrita Alumni Association Newsletter 2020
health-science prospectesAmrita Alumni Association

Amrita AlmaConnect   Amrita Alumni Association Magazine 2021

Be in touch with us.  We are opening 2500 bed hospital at Faridabad, with the state of the art  facility and technology it is going to be the biggest in Asia.  Apart from this , the Medical facilities are extended to Amaravati in AP and many other places in India and abroad too. Thousands of  Our Alumni are spread all over  the world and our Chancellor have paved the way for many of our new graduate's entry into the new campuses Amma is establishing  in various countries which will help  the sharing, caring and friendship among  all the Amritians.  May the flame of thirst for knowledge and services to humanity remain ablaze and may the Amrita Alumni Association serve as a media for you to express gratitude to all those who helped to mould you. 


My Cup Runneth Over The Give It Back Campaign

From the best clinics you have attended, to the teachers who touched your lives, the kindness of a fellow student turned BFF, the endless hours of banter over a cup of coffee in the canteen, you have had some pretty amazing college experiences. Now you have graduated, you may want to give back the place, where you made happy memories and spent the best years of your life. And let me tell you it not always be by signing a cheque:

  1. The Idea Bank: - Join us on the alumni committee. Tell us what we can do to strengthen our alumni.
  2. Be a Beacon: - take time out to share your experience in acing exams be it NEET, USMLE, PLAB, ...
  3. Take on Mentorship: - Offer your expertise through clinics or classes online.
  4. Be a link:-Remember you were a greenhorn once and someone's hand holding prompted you to do academics the right way..pass it.
  5. Art Enthusiast:-You are talented and want to contribute your soft skills .. please come and join in the holistic development of your alma mater.
  6. Sports Star:-The playing fields are always open, come and give our budding ones a tip or two.
  7. Pay it forward:-Participate in the fundraiser .. no contribution is too small for us.

Feel free to contact us:

The last date for the Announcements is nearing. Please do register and take part at the earliest.

The Reminisces Corner

Jot your memories here...

Write to us at

For now, we have something for you


There must be some keepsake of your life here... a subject record, the college blazer, the uniform..... something that warms the cockles of your heart of and reminds you of your sojourn here.

Take a click ... with it and send it to us ...

Closing Date: March 31, 2021

We will share it here...

The competition is open to the respective schools and colleges

Opening Soon


To consolidate the relationship between alumni and the Institution we are creating a virtual and interactive portal.
This will enable us to extend the contact to go beyond the period of course completion, regardless of geographic location or time.
As we take baby steps in forming an active Alumni Association we are hoping that you will take the initiative to register on the portal and update our database.
Please actively campaign for it.
We shall inform you of the portal very soon.
 0484 2851234

Nominate a Dazzler

The Alumni Committee is pleased to honour and celebrate your achievements. We have decided to institute 3 awards in the following categories for each program.

  1. Distinguished Alumni
  2. Early Achiever
  3. Leadership Award
  4. The nomination can be self or by a peer

An AIMS graduate may be nominated no sooner than 3 years after leaving from the academic program. Judging will be done by the Alumni Awards Committee.

They will review the merit of the nomination based on the write up provided and the social impact their work has produced.

The committee reserves all rights in drawing up the DAZZLER closing date March 31, 2021. The competition is open to the respective Schools & College.

Nomination Form

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