World Champion Boxer Lucia Rijker meets WE graduates at Paripally

A special LEE event took place at the Paripally center on Sunday. Undefeated world-champion boxer, Hollywood actress (biggest hit,  "Million Dollar Baby"), and renowned activist and women-empowerment speaker Lucia Rijker joined the Women Empowerment team for a session on overcoming obstacles to follow your dreams and basic self-defense.

WE in Tannur - Christmas Exhibition

The graduates of the Women Empowerment program from the Tannur Center participated in a Christmas Exhibition, which was organized by the Industrial Department of the Government of Kerala at Malapuram. In addition to selling 10,000 Rs.

Solar Energy Experts from Sweden and Germany Visit Amrita

A group of solar energy experts from Sweden and Germany visited Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham recently to explore collaborating on a number of solar energy projects. They represent various universities in Sweden and a company of theirs which manufacturers combined solar thermal and photo-voltaic (PVT) modules.

Grassroots Entrepeneurship at Ammachi Labs

Ammachi Labs’ Women Empowerment (WE) project (funded in part by United Nations Democracy Fund), organized a 5 day “Training the Trainers” Course (TTT) at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Campus from November 19th- 23rd, 2013. This was the third TTT program that has been held, and the focus was on ‘Entrepreneurship’.

Feeling Fulfilled - My Experiences Volunteering with the WE Project of AMMACHI Lab

During a recent visit to Amritapuri I was fortunate enough to serve as a volunteer with the Ammachi Labs WE Project. The project aims to give vocational training in various fields to groups of women with the goal of making them self-sufficient; financially, emotionally and socially.

Interactive Exhibits at Amritavarsham 60

Ammachi labs helped to create a variety of interactive exhibits that were showcased at the Embracing the World exhibit during the Amritavarsham 60 celebrations. Amritavarsham 60 was the official name of the 60th birthday celebrations of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, also known as Amma.

Cleaning Up Nagapattinam by AMMACHI Labs

We had a good cleanup session as part of LEE, here at Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. The students told us that there is an unused, dry pond full of waste that the neighbors and small children frequently fall into. We discussed possible solutions to this problem with them. This was one of the major issues that needed to be addressed.

AMMACHI Labs' Evoor Center Set out an Awareness March to Promote Road Safety

The graduates of the Evoor center (a recent recipient of the rolling WE Project’s “Best Center Award”) made a splash in their community. During the follow-up visit in April (conduced three months after the completion of their course), 25 graduates set out on an Awareness March to promote road safety in their area.

Making a Living, a Pilot Project of AMMACHI Labs

Graduates from the “Women Empowerment Project” (WE Project) Fabric Painting Course are participating in a pilot project called “Making a Living.” The objective of the WE project is to help women play an increasingly important role in the democratic process and their communities.

Seminar by Ms. Margaret Minsky @ AMMACHI Lab

Ms. Margaret Minsky, Former member of the Media Lab at MIT, conducted a seminar at 10:30 AM on the 18th of December, 2012 in the WNA Conference Room. It was a 40 minute seminar, pertaining to haptics videos, a prelude to her father, the eminent cognitive scientist, Marvin Minsky's book. Ms.