1. What is the role of a business incubator (BI)?

    A business incubator is different from a technology/industrial park. Business incubators are here to help early stage start-ups to convert their business ideas into commercially successful business ventures. BIs provide start-ups with office space, facilities, IT infrastructure and assistance in getting funding. The most important benefit a start-up gets from a BI is the business mentoring and networking. Besides this, your start-up company will be eligible for all the tax benefits a permitted in a SEZ (Special Economic Zone).

  2. How will I benefit from Amrita TBI?

    Amrita TBI provides a unique ecosystem for a startup company to turn an idea into a product that is commercially viable. We have a rich and diverse group of mentors from across the globe that will help in various aspects of setting up a successful startup. Mentorship will be provided in many areas such as strategy, finance, marketing, intellectual property, product management, micro-insurance, micro-finance, Internet technologies etc. Also, by being co-located with Amrita University which is among the top Engineering colleges in India, you have access to and can recruit the best pool of talented students across different campuses.

  3. What are the areas of businesses which get support from Amrita TBI?

    We will fund, incubate and nurture both technology and social businesses in the following domains:

    • Information Technology
    • Cyber-Security & Networking
    • Telecom
    • Wireless & Mobile
    • Cloud Computing
    • Social Media
    • Biotechnology
    • Social Issues
    • Health Care
    • Environment
    • Energy & Power


    Though the above domains are our areas of focus, we will invest in startups in other domains provided they have the right ingredients for success.

  4. Okay. I have a business idea what should I do next?

    Please download the business plan template provided in this link (Download). Fill it out and submit to Amrita TBI. Amrita TBI team of experts will evaluate the business potential of your idea and if seen viable will contact you. This will be followed with a phased execution plan to start converting your idea into reality...

  5. What are the procedures to start my company at Amrita TBI?

    Once your business model is agreed upon by Amrita TBI Business Plan Review Committee; agreement, incubatee documents will be signed. Then you can apply for an office space, facilities and other requirements. Once the facility gets ready, you can move in.

  6. I am located outside India. Can I still start operations at Amrita TBI?

    Yes, you can. You need to register the incubating firm under Amrita TBI, in India. If there are any patents to be applied for, you should do that in India also.

  7. I would like to recruit students of Amrita University for my company. Is it possible?

    Yes you can. It is one of the unique advantages you will get as an incubating company under Amrita TBI. Through Amrita University's Center for Corporate and International Relations (CIR) you can access the best pool of talented students across different campuses.

  8. What should I prepare before approaching Amrita TBI with my business plan?

    Once your business plan is ready, please submit it to Amrita TBI. We will thoroughly review the plan and get back to you with questions/suggestions.

  9. Should I get my company registered before coming to Amrita TBI?

    No. It is not necessary. The first priority is to get yourself clear on your business idea.

  10. How long can my company operate from Amrita TBI?

    Your start-up company will considered as graduating from Amrita TBI either by finishing 3 years of operations or employing more than 25 associates, whichever is the earliest.