Amrita TBI offers hands-on opportunities to find solutions, thereby instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship by conducting workshops, innovation contests, business plan competitions and interactions with other entrepreneurs. Amrita TBI perseveres to light the spark of creativity.


The Entrepreneurship track at VIDYUT 2K14 included a workshop and a boot camp on consecutive days. The workshop were highly interactive and combined presentations, videos, critical analysis and real-life examples. Boot Camp participants received a compressed training in developing the plans for the most important social businesses that could help India's villages. These plans also had to be viable as a business...

ISEE 2013

Entrepreneurship Workshop by Amrita Technology Business Incubator (Amrita TBI) at IEEE International Symposium on Education, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Some of the events conducted were TALK on Startups by Shameer Thaha, SEMINAR on Innovation and Entrepreneurship - How can we apply them in India with fewer resources and larger markets by Snehal Shetty, VP, Amrita TBI, WORKSHOP on Understanding entrepreneurship and review of Harvard Business case studies of successful global companies by Amrita TBI and many more...