center-amritatbi-social-entrepreneurship-imgAmrita TBI invests in social enterprises, innovative ideas and technology which can create a positive impact on society to transform the world we live in.

We understand social enterprises need a longer time to incubate and grow. We will work closely with you and will be your true partner in achieving the goals.

We will help in the formation of small groups of entrepreneurs that can assist each other in building a successful enterprise. Not all members will have the required skills to run the business. We will assist the entrepreneurs in the initial phase by training them and will provide required mentorship to run the business well.

We believe social entrepreneurship is one of the most effective methods to address several of our economic and social challenges.


Many women in the villages are struggling to manage the family due to low income. Many are not able to send their kids to schools. Amrita TBI wanted to find a solution for this problem and came up with the idea of forming entrepreneurship groups.

In Amrita as part of Ammachi Labs SAVE project, we train women in plumbing, fabric painting, stitching and making of handcraft products. Women all over Kerala can take advantage of this opportunity. Women who took the Fabric Painting training did an Exhibition in Amritapuri Campus on Dec 15th 2012.Their work spoke for their skills. They bagged many 'on-the-spot' orders.

center-amritatbi-social-entrepreneurship-householders-to-entrepreneursThis created the necessity to form an entrepreneurship group. We arranged a meeting with near-by village women to assess their interest level. Some had interest in marketing, some showed interest for Management, and others wanted to manage Finance and HR. All of them had completed their School Education and they have the basic business knowledge.

We arranged for a quick Fabric painting session with our in-house professional. They learnt the art quickly; the photo of their training session is in the photo below.

Now they can paint a cloth or t-shirt or a bag in various beautiful designs and colors. Some are learning to make design in bangles. Many women will be taking part in learning these skills. With the help of Amrita TBI, they will be forming an entrepreneurship group and manage the orders and income. Amrita TBI will help them every step of the way till they can manage the business on their own.