M. Tech. in Wireless Networks and Applications


Building on a very successful joint project called WINSOC with about a dozen international partners, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham launched the MTech program in one of the advanced topics of today, wireless networks and applications, at its Amritapuri campus, Kollam, Kerala. This M. Tech. program includes the latest advanced topics in wireless communications, mobile computing, sensor networks, Embedded Systems, signal processing, wireless networks and applications such as landslide detection, environmental monitoring etc.

The students get a hands-on experience in real-time wireless sensor networks for land slide detection using the landslide monitoring system deployed at the land slide prone area in Munnar, Kerala. Reputed researchers and well known faculty from highly ranked international universities across the world teach and guide the students. The program provides opportunities for students to get project guidance from well established research groups around the world and work on exciting, real-world installations of wireless sensor networks.

There are many projects going on at the research center (WINSOC, DST, DIT, Indo-German, Indo-Brazil etc.) and the students get a unique opportunity to work in these live projects. Upon graduation, students can find employment in a broad spectrum of industries such as Computers, Communication Networks, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Disaster Management, Bio and Nano Technologies, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Transportation and Infrastructure, Structural Engineering, Agriculture and Chemical Industries.