Live-in Labs (LiLa): A pioneering Experimental Learning Program

Inspired by our Chancellor renowned humanitarian leader, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (AMMA)

Multidisciplinary ,"theory into practice" program, that facilitates the research, development and deployment of sustainable solutions for current challenges faced by rural communities in India.

The program is now permanent part of the department's M. Tech. curriculum (Weekly 2 hours)


  • Inter-disciplinary research for society
  • Rural electrification of Tribal Village in Wayanad
  • Enhancing STEM education for the students
  • Clean up activities in the University villages and premises
  • Raising awareness about environmental conversation in neighboring schools on toics like water conservation, rooftop and backyard gardening, organic composting and waste management
  • Technical workshops (Basics of computer, Operating Systems, Social networking, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) for school students and teachers.
  • "Learning the fun way" workshop for school students: science experiments, computer programming and internet basics

Visit to Kuzhithura School

Our team (including staff volunteers and students) visited Kuzhithura School on February 9, 2015 as a part of the Lila activity. The school was very special and blessed one to us as AMMA (Sri. Mata Amritanadamayi Devi) spent her school days in this school. So everyone was very avid for this school visit. The school students we aimed at were of the 9th standard. We planned to present a workshop based on the day-to-day application of the mathematics. We split in to five groups and each group presented one topic. It was a 2 hour interactive sessions in which students were asked to solve the problems in the black board. We also gave small gifts to the students as a token of appreciation for solving the mathematics problems.



Visit to H. W. L. P. S. Sraikkadu

As part of the LiLa activity on January 30, 2015 the LiLa volunteers and first year M. Tech. WNA visited the H. W. L. P. S. Sraikkadu school. We all reached the school around 2 pm. We were asked to give an awareness program on the importance of Organic farming and the harmful effects of using the pesticides in vegetables. Our students done an excellent job by giving the ideas of the importance of organic farming through different charts , videos and presentations. The session was very interactive as the students were very enthusiastic in handling the children from class 3rd and 4th. We also had a small math quiz sessions in which children were very fascinated. Our students even taught them how to do the vegetation in small bottles. They also collected sample seeds from “Krishi Bhavan” which they had given to the children to try the cultivation their own. The children were very happy that they understood the importance of small vegetable garden they had in their school and agreed to try the same in their home.