• Merit based admission with GATE Scholarship
  • Multi-disciplinary Faculty
  • Opportunity to work in Funded Research Projects
  • 184 international publications
    • 16 journals
    • 4 best paper awards
  • Faculty to Student  ratio = 1 : 4.5
Student Progression

Launched from the success of the WINSOC project, AmritaWNA established theM.Tech program to enable the academic study of Wireless Sensor Networks and their applications in a variety of fields. The program allows in-depth inquiry of topics such as Wireless Communications, Mobile Computing, Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, and Wireless Networks and Applications in areas such as Disaster Management, Energy Conservation, Healthcare Solutions, Distance Education, and Environmental Monitoring. In addition to theory classes, M.Tech students receive practical experience by working on current and on-going projects with senior faculty members.Students also have the opportunity to work on their own projects and are required to publish and present papers in various academic journals and conferences. The duration of the program is two years. Currently, the department is only accepting full-time students.

  • Duration of the Course: Two years

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