Our research focus is to screen molecules with anti-cancer properties and understand their mode of action with respect to cell death.  Many cancer cells are apoptosis resistant; we are trying to target them by an alternative cell death pathway known as “paraptosis” or cytoplasmic vacuolation mediated cell death.We are also interested in the studies of protein homeostasis and cell death in case of neuronal and pancreatic cells.

We are also trying to understand the biology of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in health and disease relevant to India with special reference to malnutrition. Focus is on cell adhesion protein fibronectin and its interaction with different cell surface proteins from both host (MMP-2, heparin, collagen) and guest [fibronectin/collagen binding proteins (FBP /CBP) from microbes].

Research Projects

  • Paraptosis: a newer approach to target cancer / Funded by DST
  • Characterization of Fibronectin isoforms and proteolytic fragments affecting cell behaviour / Funded by Amrita University
  • Factors affecting gelatinase (MMP-2) mediated fragmentation of fibronectin / Funded by Amrita University
  • Fibronectin and collagen binding proteins from probiotics and viruses (bacteriophages)/ Funded by Amrita University