Amrita Center for Computational Neuroscience has been instituted to comprehend the brain and its neural circuits by devising mathematical models. In contrast to other fields in biology, mathematical thinking and methodology have become entrenched in neuroscience since its very beginning, as witnessed by the classical work of Hodgkin and Huxley. Indeed, important developments in mathematics, and particularly in statistics, as in point processes theory, have their roots in this field. One of the biggest open challenges mathematicians and engineers face, is understanding the complex computation that takes place in our brain... Read more»

The Center has members of faculty who impart education to graduate students and post doctoral scholars in courses like Computational Biology, Neurobiology, Molecular and Cell Biophysics in a holistic approach stimulating and nurturing the research interests in them. As is the case with any other course, theoretical knowledge alone cannot quench the thirst of true scholars. These subjects under the purview of researchers at the Center provides robust, live projects for the students to work on and gain rich exposure and vast experience that makes them versatile in these courses and propells a research centered career in future... Read more»

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Here at the Amrita Center for Computational Neuroscience, a large number of international link ups and collaborations have been set up to ensure that students receive proper guidance and mentoring of the highest quality in their research endeavors. Faculties from almost all parts of the world interact with our students and faculties either directly or via video conferences to invirgorate their research aspirations and innovations to transform them into cutting edge technologies and ground-breaking inventions that serve the novel cause of succoring the societal needs. Amrita has been lauded as a worthy partner... Read more»

The Center accentuates the ethical values and moral fibre upheld by the university and our inspiration, Amma, through its research and educational ventures. Computational Neuroscience Laboratory has had the chance to host many masterminds and visitors in the past months. The Center is immensely delighted at having received their insights, comments and looks forward to host them again. Atithi Devo Bhavah, the culture of our land to honor our guests as our Gods, have often inspired admiration from our habitues and patrons and they seem to be enthusiastic to return to the university to pursue... Read more»

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Dr. Shyam Diwakar
Computational Neuroscience & Neurophysiology
School of Biotechnology
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Amritapuri Campus
Amritapuri, Clappana P. O.

Kollam - 690525, Kerala, India
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Amrita University was started by the world-renowned humanitarian leader, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Amma.»»



Research involves the development and analysis of computational models in order to study synaptic plasticity, associative memory and information processing in the cerebellum, bio-robotics and neuromorphic hardware besides pedagogical techniques...Read more»



Current focus in theoretical neuroscience studies at Compneuro Lab is the detailed modeling of cerebellar cells and its network functions. Compneuro Lab has published in reputed journals and books and presented in various conference...Read more»



The Center have been blessed with a dedicated team who contributes tirelessly for the research developments. Driven by the longing for perfection and excellence, we works as a unit that inspires the guests and fashions in them a desire to partner in our causes....Read more»



Here at the Amrita Center for Computational Neuroscience, a large number of international link ups and collaborations have been set up to ensure that students receive proper guidance and mentoring of the highest quality in their research endeavors....Read more»

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  • Amrita University has a major role to play in transforming our society into a knowledge society through its unique value-added education system

    Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    Former President of India
  • What makes Amrita students special? Western science leads to knowledge. Eastern sceince leads to understanding. Amrita has both Western and Eastern traditions in education.

    Dr. Lee Hartwell
    Nobel Laureate
  • This is not just another university, but a very high quality,world-class university, focusing on technology research, dealing with very concrete issues which have immediate applications

    Prof.Muhammad Yunus
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