Faculty and student research has resulted in a number of innovative products and technologies some of which are listed below.

India Capture the Flag (InCTF)

Amrita Center for Cybersecurity Systems & Networks hosts India's largest cyber security contest InCTF (India Capture the Flag) every year. This contest not only kindles enthusiasm and passion to learn about security but teaches students strategic defensive and offensive techniques fundamental to computer science education. InCTF exposes its participants to the real world of security threats and vulnerabilities instilling in them the skills as demanded by the modern cyber wor ld.

Learn, Compete and Conquer: http://inctf.in/


Amrita @ VPN is a world class, easy-to-use open source virtual private network solution developed by Amrita that runs on the GNU/Linux platform. It was originally developed to maintain privacy while making use of pubic internet infrastructure to connect to various amrita networks situated across various geographical locations. Amrita VPN is an easy-to-use open source VPN solution that runs on the GNU/Linux platform. The implementation is done fully in the user-space and requires no kernel patches or enhancements. It uses openssl library for strong encryption and authentication through SSLv3.

For additional information feel free to visit us at http://amvpn.sourceforge.net/



Amrita is actively pursuing its business and research interests in the domain of security locking solutions, that helps to control physical access to a restricted area. Amrita Security Locking Solutions offer a broad range of state-of-the-art technology, from a single door solution, all the way to a multiple location, wide area network solution.


With the advent of Internet today we are more connected to each other than ever before. We rely heavily on internet for most of our activities like Social Networking, Communication, Health Care, Finance, E-Learning and much more. Because of the lack of awareness about Internet Security the rate of cyber thefts has increased alarmingly.

Securityhelpforall.org is a venture to help common man learn basics of cyber security and be safe online. This web portal is created with a vision of securing a safer and smarter digital space for internet users from all walks of life. This site aims at spreading Cyber Help and Awareness to all through:

  1. Internet Know-How: Provides the basic knowledge of various internet terms and jargons through informative Articles, Videos, Games and Tutorials. We have more than 15 articles which covers topics like "Security for Children and Teens", "Mobile and Tablet Security", " Cyber Scams and Frauds", " How to Create a Strong Password", "Social Networking", "Online Banking", "Scare wares" and many more. In each article we have mentioned how the attacks happen and provided some tips and safety measures.
  2. Web Services: We are also proving some web applications like "Web Shell", "Trace Route" and "Password Strength Checker" which might help a user to troubleshoot some of his web problems.
  3. Cyber Forums: We have also designed an interactive forum where users can post their doubts issues and queries and get them solved by the cyber experts. We also have a 24*7 Online Site Consultant with whom you can share your problems and troubleshoot it in no time.


For additional information feel free to visit us at http://securityhelpforall.org or http://securityforall.in/