About Amrita Center for Digital Health (Wireless Telemedicine)

Amrita Research Labs has developed this integrated telemedicine solution for linking various clinics and hospitals located in the remote areas of India with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center (AIMS), Kochi. Telemedicine, reduced to its simplest form, is connecting geographically separate health care facilities via telecommunications, video, and information systems.

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Services Offered

The telemedicine service at AIMS is the first telemedicine centre in Kerala which was started in September 2002. This center was set up with the help of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), which selected AIMS for its pilot telemedicine project in the state of Kerala. The service aims to provide the best medical care to the remote corners of India, to the people who cannot afford the treatment due to their inability to travel, cost, unawareness etc. Now, more than 60 centers in India are connected from AIMS. Aside from providing consultations to the remote corners of India, AIMS uses its telemedicine link to educate doctors in remote primary centres in the latest medical advancements through seminars, workshops and teaching programs. The integrated Amrita Tele-Medicine solution is ideal for tertiary facilities serving rural and frontier communities and aligned Critical Access Hospitals. The Amrita Telemedicine connectivity has 60 national centers and nine international centers. The Center offers the state-of-the-art services in the following disciplines:- Tele-consultation, Tele-health, Tele-surgery, Continuing Medical Education Programs, Distant Education Programs.

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The Amrita TeleMedicine has facilities such as Tele-Cardiology, Tele-Radiology, Tele-Dermatolgy, Tele-Ophthalmology, Tele-Pathology, Tele-Psychiatry, Tele-Mentoring, Mobile Telemedicine Unit and E-learning network. Tele-Cardilogy is mainly the practice of cardiology by using telemedicine technologies for providing outstanding cardiac care in a cost effective manner. Teleradiology is a means of electronically transmitting radiographic...

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Telemedicine Network

The Telemedicine network makes specialist consultations available right at their doorstep, helping them avoid unnecessary travel to larger cities. Now, more than 60 national centers and 9 international centers are connected from AIMS. Amrita Emergency Center, Pampa (now moved to District Hospital Pattinamthitta), Army Hospital, Leh, Ladakh, Army Hospital, Parthapur, Jammu & Kashmir, District Hospital, Minicoy, Lakshadweep...

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The achievements of the Amrita Telemedicine project are many and varied. Aside from providing consultations to the remote corners of India, Amrita uses its telemedicine link to educate doctors in remote primary centers to the latest medical advancement through seminars, workshops and teaching programs. Amrita’s telemedicine program is made possible through its link with an Indian Satellite Research Organization (ISRO) satellite.

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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has a major role to play in transforming our society into a knowledge society through its unique value-added education system

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Former President of India

This is not just another academia, but a very high quality,world-class institution, focusing on technology research, dealing with very concrete issues which have immediate applications

Prof.Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Laureate

What makes Amrita students special? Western science leads to knowledge. Eastern sceince leads to understanding. Amrita has both Western and Eastern traditions in education.

Dr. Lee Hartwell
Nobel Laureate

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