Current Interests

  • Bioprospection of indigenous flora- with special reference to Kerala (phytoecdysoids-nutraceutical,sericulture biotechnology, wound healing).
  • Value addition to unutilized / underutilized plants: (bioactives from sea buckthorn- flavonoids, ursolic acid, carotenoids, kinase inhibitors, glut4 modulators, anacardic acids).
  • Synthesis of bioactive natural products (antioxidants, antitumour, kinase inhibitors, neuroprotectants).
  • Human resource development(advanced training in phytochemistry to students, research scholars, visiting fellows).
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Seabuckthorn – A Repository of Bioactive Phytochemicals

Seabuckthorn (SBT), (Hippophae L.) are deciduous shrubs in the genus Hippophae, family Elaeagnaceae. In addition to the nutritionally active constituents...

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Computational Chemistry & Molecular Docking Studies

Docking studies are computational techniques for the exploration of the possible binding modes of a substrate to a given receptor...

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Value Addition to Underutilized Biosources

There are a wide range of underutilized plants with well known nutritional and medicinal properties.
They have the potential...

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Process Development for Isolation and Characterization of Phytochemicals

In the Phytochemistry laboratory, development, analysis, and optimization of technical processes for target dependent bioactive compound isolations....

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Molecular Structural Studies of Complex Natural Products by LCMS and UV Spectrophotometry

After broad separation of tannins as lead complex from the SBT extract , flavonoid glycosides (in the supernatant) were subjected....

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Diversity Oriented Synthesis Applications to Flavonols, Flavones, Isoflavones and Biflavones

Divergent oriented synthesis is a strategy which aims to the synthesis of compounds with diverse chemical structures...

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