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Training of Academy Summer Research Fellows

Summer Fellowships are awarded to bright students and motivated teachers from Academy of sciences to work with research-oriented projects. Following is the list of fellows received training in the Phytochemistry Lab.

  1. Mr. Sreejit. C.M. Associatet. Professor, Research Department of Botany, S.N.M. College, Maliankara, ErnakulamDist, Kerala.
  2. Dr. M.S. Yogendra Kumar, Sr. Scientist, Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) Delhi.
  3. Mr. PabitraKalita, Assistant Professor, AryaVidyapeeth College,Gauhati University.
  4. Dr.Uday Singh, Assistant Professor, S H Institute of Agriculture, Technology &Sciences, Allahabad.
  5. Mr. Yogesh P. Kulkarni, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Sinhgad. Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lonavala,Mumbai.
  6. Mr.Vaisakhan GS, IISER, Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala.
  7. Mr.JavedsalmanShiekh, Post graduate Student, Nagpur University,Nagpur.
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Advance Training For Research Scholars

Training for research scholars include improvement of  theoretical  and experimental skill on phytochemistry. The programme progresswith  handson experience for extraction, isolation, analysis and characterization of purified fractions or compounds.  Techniques such as colourreactions, thin layer chromatography, paper chromatography, UV spectrophotometer, High performance liquid chromatography, IR spectrophotometer; LCMS, NMR, etc are utilized for the training purpose.

  1. Mr. SushenPradhan.,Junior Research Fellow, Sikkim  State Council of Science &Technology,Gangtok.
  2. Miss.RadhaKumariBasnett.Junior Research Fellow, Sikkim  State Council of Science & Technology, Gangtok.
  3. Mr.Tom Cherian.Senior Research Fellow, Regional Agricultural Research Station Kottayam.
  4. Mr.Azim. T.Senior Research Fellow, Regional Agricultural Research Station Kottayam.
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Undergraduate And Postgraduate Student Projects

Opportunities are provided for the students to carry out research projectsas  part of their the UG or PG curriculum. Topics are designed in such a waythat the student can develop and demonstrate skill for research using academic concepts, theoretical insights and practical abilities. Phytochemistry based projects are undertaken in the lab for identification of bioactive compounds. Plants or plant products which has day to day interaction with life are mostly selected for projects, which helps in bringing research as well as societal benefits.Projects help the student with the opportunity to undertake sustained, independent, high-level work, which have intellectual credibility.

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Utilization of Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory facilities are offered to the schools and college students from different places. This attracts scientific communities fromdiverse places. Exposure of general phytochemical techniques, experiments conducted use of analytical instruments becomes sources of beneficial information to visiting groups. Some of the visitors are from:

Amrita School of Ayurveda.Amritapuri, Kollam.
Amrita School of Arts and Science.Amritapuri, Kollam.
TMCollege of Arts and Science,Kollam.

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