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Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography system

Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) is a form of medium-pressure chromatography that uses a pump to control the speed at which the mobile phase passes through the stationary phase. 

BioLogic Duo Flow Chromatography System ( BioRad) consists of a pump, UV detector, conductivity meter, and a fraction collector. Samples can be loaded manually by injection into a sample loop. Complex gradients, or changes in the proportion of two buffers, are easily possible with these chromatography systems.

BioLogic Duo Flow Chromatography System Features

  • Workstation with dual piston pumps and valving connections- connect upto 3 low pressure and 3 high pressure valves.
  • Gradient mixer to ensure accurate gradient formation
  • AVR7-3 injection valve
  • Standard UV detector with 254 and 280nm filters
  • Conductivity monitor to monitor salt concentration to ensure reliable gradient formation


  • High resolution purification of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules
  • Automated injection, buffer selection, column switching, and large volume fraction collection are easily performed using various valve configurations.
  • The system supports several sample loading methods and multiples samples can be loaded sequentially using Econo Gradient Pump with AVR9-8 as inlet valve.
  • The system supports the use of multiple columns and thus in column switching. Strong and weak anion and cation exchange columns, size exclusion chromatography columns, hydrophobic interaction chromatography columns are supported by the system.
  • Reverse flow chromatography is possible using the AVR7-3 inject valves, for certain applications such as affinity chromatography.