Course Title: 
Advanced Pedagogy of Mathematics
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Year Taught: 
Integrated Degree
School of Arts and Sciences

'Advanced Pedagogy of Mathematics' is a course offered in the sixth semester of Integrated B.Sc. - B.Ed. in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics program at the School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Mysuru campus.

On completion of the course, the student teacher will;

  • Acquire the knowledge of Professional Competencies of a Mathematics Teacher.
  • Develop an Understanding about extended curricular activities for Teaching Mathematics.
    • Develop Skill of Constructing Achievement and Diagnostic Tests.
    • Organizing Co-Curricular Activity.

Unit I: Curricular Activities

  1. Mathematics Projects.
  2. Developing Mathematics Laboratory. 
  3. Mathematics club.

Unit II: Recent trends in Mathematics

  1. Co-operative Learning.
  2. Mathematics Olympiad.
  3. Use of Calculators, m-learning.

Unit III: Assessment in Mathematics

  1. Construction of Unit Test. 
  2. Preparation of Balanced question paper.
  3. Evaluation of Projects and Assignments.
  4. Diagnosis and Remediation – Diagnostic Test Construction.
  5. National Talent Search Scheme.

Unit IV: Mathematics Teacher

  1. Qualities.
  2. Professional Competencies.

Unit V: Professional Development

  1. Professional Development: in-service Programes, Continuing Education, Research Activities – Action Research.
  2. Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.
  3. Teacher Associations – NCTM, AMTI, AISMTA.
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  1. Achievement test- concept and importance.
  2. Diagnostic test.
  3. Mathematics club activities.
  4. Teacher associations-functions.
  5. Review of articles related to mathematics teaching.
  6. Interaction with students of other colleges of education.
  7. Conducting Action Research (Practice-in-teaching).
  8. Organizing mathematics quiz (Practice-in-teaching).