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Advanced Studies in Commerce - Theory Only
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Doctoral Programs
School of Arts and Sciences

'Advanced Studies in Commerce (Theory Only)' is a course offered in the first semester of M. Phil. Commerce and Management (Part - Time) offered by School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi.

Unit 1: Financial Management

Financing decisions – Theories of capital structure – financial leverage EBIT – EPS analysis – Analysis of internal and external financing methods – Capital structure planning in practice – determinants.

Unit 2: Human Resources Management

Recruitment Management – Training and Development – Reward Management – Welfare Measures – Performance Management – Employee Maintenance and Separation - Strategic Human Resources Management – Global Human Resources Management – Recent Trends in HRM.

Unit 3: Marketing Management

Marketing Research Objectives and methods of marketing research – Retail Management – Global Marketing – rationale and principle – product strategy and organization for Global marketing – Emarketing – Marketing of Services.

Unit 4: Financial Markets

Capital Market – Instruments – Equities debit and derivatives – Primary Market – Issue methods. Market intermediaries – Secondary Market – Trading techniques and settlement procedures – Mutual Funds.

Unit 5: Co-operative Management

Nature and Functions – Role of Board of Directors in Co-operative Management – General Body – its Powers and Functions – Board of Executives Relationship – Society and Departmental Relationship – Credit Management – Evaluation, Assessment – NPAs - debt recovery tribunal - writing of bad debts.

  1. S.N. Maheswari, Financial Management, Sultan Chand
  2. Dwivedi R.S., Human Behaviour and Organisational& IBH
  3. Saxsena ,Human Resource Management S – Chand sons
  4. R.S.N. Pillai and Pagavathy, Modern Marketing S –Chand sons
  5. V.A. Avodhani, Marketing of Financial Services
  6. S.K. Sinha and R. Sahaya, Management of Co-operative Enterprises