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Basics of Computer Networking and Web Technology
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Integrated Degree
School of Arts and Sciences

'Basics of Computer Networking and Web Technology' is a course offered at the School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Mysuru campus.

The purpose of this course is to understand the basics of networking technologies and to design web pages and to establish adequate formatting and styles.

Unit I:
Evolution of Computer Networking, Types of Connection- point-to-point, multipoint, Types of Network-LAN, WAN, MAN, Networks topologies-star, mesh, bus, ring, Connection oriented and Connection less Services, Network Devices-Hub, router, switch, gateway, bridge, The OSI reference model, TCP/IP Reference Model.

Unit II:
Introduction to Internet, history of internet, Hardware and software requirements of internet: Host, terminal, modem, ISP, web browser, websites, social networking sites, blogs, search engines.

Unit III:
Introduction to HTML, basic HTML elements, formatting tags- bold, italic, size, underline, deleted, emphasize. Color: color names, color values, marquee, paragraph, link tags, image tag, list – 3  ordered list, unordered list, definition list, Superscript, Subscript. Case study: Design a simple web page by using above tags.

HTML table – row span, column span, body color, border, cell spacing, cell padding, align, caption. Multimedia elements- Inserting Audio files, inserting Video files, screen control attributes. Frames and frameset attribute. Case study: Design a simple web page by using above tags.

Unit IV:
Introduction to Forms, Get and Post methods, Text Input Controls: text, password, email, url, number, range, date, month, time, week. Label, Checkboxes Controls, Radio Box Controls, Select Box Controls, Text area, File Select boxes, Buttons, Submit and Reset Button, text field tag, File Upload, required attribute. Case study: Design a form by using form and table elements and perform validation.

Unit V:
Introduction to CSS, Types of style sheets, Applying styles to specific groups of elements – class selector, id selector, CSS background, CSS text, CSS fonts, color, image, CSS box model.

  1. Harley Hahn - Internet Complete Reference - Second Edition – TMH
  2. The Complete reference HTML Second edition-Powell, Tata McGraw-Hill