Course Title: 
Financial Management
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Year Taught: 
Doctoral Programs
School of Arts and Sciences

'Financial Management' is an elective course offered in the second semester of M. Phil. Commerce and Management (Part - Time) offered by School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi.

Unit 1: 

Financial management – meaning – Objectives – Financial Decisions – Functions of financial Manager. Time value of money –Present Value, Future Value and Compound Techniques.

Unit 2: 

Cost of Capital – Meaning and Importance – Cost of Debt, Preference Share, Equity Share and Retained Earnings – Weighted Average cost of capital. Capital Budgeting – Meaning – Significance – Methods of Ranking Investment proposals.

Unit 3: 

Leverage – Meaning – Financial Leverage – Operating Leverage – EBIT and EPS Analysis. Capital Structure – Theories of Capital Structure - Determinants of Optimal Capital Structure.

Unit 4: 

Dividend Theories – Walter’s Model, Gordon, Modigliani and Miller’s Model – Forms of Dividends – Factors determining Dividend Policy – Stability of Dividend Policy.

Unit 5: 

Working Capital Management – Meaning – Objectives – Working Capital Policies – Factors Affecting working Capital Requirements – Forecasting of Working Capital Requirements - Sources of working Capital. Cash Management – Inventory Management - Receivables Management.

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