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Ict in Education
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Integrated Degree
School of Arts and Sciences

'Ict in Education' is a course offered in the fourth semester of Integrated B.Sc. - B.Ed. in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics program at the School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Mysuru campus.

On completion of the course, the student teacher will;

  • Develop skills to work on the application programs in MS Office Suite.
  • Become aware of the on-line services.
  • Applies the knowledge of computers across the school curriculum.
  • Prepare and present materials for day-to-day teaching-learning process.
  • Evaluates digital lesson plan/project/presentation.
  • Uses computers as research, communication and publishing device.
  • Be aware of the meaning, nature and scope of ICT in Education.
  • Get acquainted with structure, hardware and software of computer.
  • Identify the changes that occur due to ICT in Education.
  • Prepare students to select the appropriate communication facilities through Internet.
  • Will have the awareness of legal and Ethical issues related to internet and student safety.
  • Would adopt the knowledge of ICT in teaching learning strategies.
  • Get acquainted with e-learning and its development in ICT.

Unit I: Word Processor-MS Word and Spread Sheets-MS Excel

  1. Document-creation of a new or opening of an existing file and saving.
  2. Entering text-editing and formatting-using insert options.
  3. Working with tables and drawing tools.
  4. Page setting and printing a document.
  5. Worksheet-creation of a new/opening of an existing/saving.
  6. Entering data-inserting and deleting rows, columns and worksheets-formatting.
  7. Use- sort- filter options and formulae functions.
  8. Inserting charts.

Unit II: Presentations-MS Power Point

  1. Slide-creation of a new presentation or opening of an existing presentation-editing and saving.
  2. Enhancing the knowledge -slides using colors, backgrounds & templates.
  3. Inserting clipart, audio/video clips and Animating slides.
  4. Presentation of slides.

Unit III: Uses of ICT in teaching and learning process & On-line services

  1. Worldwide web-browsing, search engines, downloading, printing.
  2. Facilities available for Communication e-mail-creating, sending mails and Attachments, checking, chat, online conferencing,
  3. e-Library, websites, Blog, Internet forum, News Groups;
  4. E - Learning , Virtual Classroom
  5. Legal and copyright
    • Issues regarding downloading materials from Internet.
  1. Assessment and Evaluations - P.G. Pnog.
  2. Instructional system Design - Instructional Technology V.K. Rao.
  3. Computer fundamentals - Arora Bansal.
  4. Information and communication - Kishore, Chavan.
  5. Information Technology - Dyne, Nandkishore.
  6. Crumlish Christian - ABC o internet.
  7. Fun of computer - Singh and Sukhvir.
  8. ICT strategies of for school - Mohenty Laxman.
  9. Intel Teach to the Future pre-Service Version 2.0 manual.
  10. Rajasekar, S (2005) Computer Education, Hyderabad; Neelkamal Publication.
  11. Varanasi Lalini and others (2005) Computer Education, Hyderabad; Neelkamal Publication.
  1. Development self-instruction / Program instruction / computer assisted instruction material for any unit of any school subject of your choice.
  2. Discussion on legal and ethical issues regarding internet.
  3. Policies on Cyber crimes.
  4. Impact of ICT on socio-cultural, political and economic spheres.
  5. Prepare any programme pertaining to ICT.