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Innovations in Banking and Insurance
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Doctoral Programs
School of Arts and Sciences

'Innovations in Banking and Insurance' is an elective course offered in the second semester of M. Phil. Commerce and Management (Part - Time) offered by School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi.

To provide students a clear view of the service availability of banks and insurance sector in our country. Also aims to provide much better understanding and knowledge of banks as a field of investment which may cover every aspect of life by highlighting the various banking products and services under the banking and insurance sector.

Unit 1: 

Review of functioning of banks , Liabilities and Assets of Banks, Net worth, Off Balance Sheet Items - New Products :Deposit and Loan Products Housing finance, Hire Purchase, Leasing, Factoring and Forfeiting, Merchant Banking, Mutual Funds, consumer Loans , Venture Capital Financing , Banks as credit financial supermarket/ maturity and return profiles of new products . New Financial services provided by banks- investment portfolio management services, advice on money management, tax services.

Unit 2: 

Electronic Payment systems (Indian- NEFT, RTGS, International – SWIFT) Debit Cards and Credit Cards – Concept and Process.E- Banking.

Unit 3: 

Insurance- Concept, functions, Types (Life and General), New Insurance Products, - Bank Assurance - Privatization of Insurance Business in India - Banking and Insurance Regulation.

Unit 4: 

Integration of third party and Re-insurance ,Co-existence of Banking and Insurance – their problems - Insurance as a cover to Banking risks-Types of Risks, (systematic and unsystematic).

Unit 5: 

Self-Regulation and Installation of Corporate Governance. Future strategies for promoting insurance in India. Implications for Risk Management, Derivatives in Banking.

Text Books

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  2. K.C. Mishra and G.E. Thomas, General Insurance - Principles and Practice, Cengage Learning. 
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