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Pedagogy of Mathematics
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Integrated Degree
School of Arts and Sciences

'Pedagogy of Mathematics' is a course offered at the School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Mysuru campus.

On completion of the course, the student teacher will;

  1. Acquire the knowledge of
    • Nature and scope of mathematics.
    • History of mathematics.
  2. Develop an Understanding about
    • Values and objectives of teaching mathematics.
    • Content categories of mathematics.
    • Approaches and methods of teaching of mathematics
  3. Develop Skill of
  4. Preparing lesson plan and unit lesson plan and year plan.
  5. Critically analyze current mathematics text books.
  6. Appreciate
    • The role of mathematics in daily life.
    • Contribution of Indians, Greeks and Arabs to mathematics.
    • Structure of mathematics.

Unit I: Introduction

1.1 Number system, Set, Progression of numbers, Profit and Loss, Banking ,Statistics.
1.2 Introduction to Algebra, Exponents ,Factorisation, HCF and LCM, Simultaneous, Linear Equations, Variations.
1.3 Introduction to Geometry,Triangles, Polygons, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Basic concepts of Trigonometry.

Unit II: Introduction to Teaching of Mathematics

2.1 Nature of Mathematics.
2.2 Mathematics as a language.
2.3 Use of Mathematics in daily life and other branches of study.
2.4 Contribution of Indians, Greeks and Arabs to Mathematics.
2.5 Value of History of Mathematics to a mathematics Teacher.
2.6 Values of Teaching Mathematics.

Unit III: Planning for Teaching Mathematics

3.1 General Objectives of Teaching Mathematics at the Secondary School Level.
3.2 Writing Instructional Objectives in Mathematics.
3.3 Preparation of Year Plan, Unit Plan and Lesson Plan (Constructivist Approach).
3.4 Content categories in Mathematics: Concept and Facts.
3.5 Content analysis of secondary school mathematics curriculum.

Unit IV: Approaches for Teaching Mathematics

4.1 Teaching of Concepts- Concept Attainment Model. 
4.2 Teaching of Generalizations-Inductive and deductive approaches. 
4.3 Problem Solving Approach. 

Unit V: Resources for Teaching Mathematics

5.1 Printed Resources- Text books, Work books and Resource unit. 
5.2 Audio –Visual Resources & Computers.
5.3 Websites related to Mathematics Education.

  1. Contribution to Indians and others to Mathematics.
  2. Values of Teaching Mathematics.
  3. Content categories in Mathematics.
  4. Methods of teaching- steps and importance.
  5. Resources for teaching mathematics.
  6. Logical thinking in mathematics.
  7. Formulating instructional objectives.
  8. Preparation of unit plan and lesson plan.
  9. Content analysis of the topics from state mathematics 8th and 9th text books.
  10. Text book analysis- comparative study.
  11. Developing workbooks.
  12. Developing learning aids/transparencies.
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