Course Title: 
Soft Computing Techniques
Course Code: 
Year Taught: 
Postgraduate (PG)
School of Arts and Sciences

'Soft Computing Techniques' is an elective course offered in the M. Phil. in Computer Science & IT (Part time) at School of Arts and Science, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.  

Unit I:

Artificial Intelligence – a Brief Review – Pitfalls of Traditional AI – Need for Computational Intelligence – Importance of Tolerance of Imprecision and Uncertainty - Constituent Techniques – Overview of Artificial Neural Networks - Fuzzy Logic - Evolutionary Computation.

Unit II:

Neural Network: Biological and Artificial Neuron, Neural Networks, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning. Single Layer Perceptron - Multilayer Perceptron – Backpropagation Learning.

Unit III:

Neural Networks as Associative Memories - Hopfield Networks, Bidirectional Associative Memory. Topologically Organized Neural Networks – Competitive Learning, Kohonen Maps,

Unit IV:

Fuzzy Logic: Fuzzy Sets – Properties – Membership Functions - Fuzzy Operations. Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Inference System

Unit V:

Evolutionary Computation - Overview of other Bio-inspired Algorithms - Swarm Intelligence Algorithms

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