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13 Days of ART – Amrita Bengaluru Campus

13 Days of ART – Amrita Bengaluru Campus
2021-02-01 @ 9:00 AM – 2021-02-13 @ 9:00 AM

The Biggest Event of KALA for the Academic year, from 1st to 13th February 2021. KALA is here to prove it just right! We present to you 13 days of art – paintings, sketches, Indian folk art, mandalas, or pastel art in any shape, color, and size using any medium of your choice!! Worry not, we’ve got many events lined up on the basis of different themes and styles so no one’s talent is left out in the cold.


  • Feb 1st-Landscapes
  • Feb 2nd-Galaxy/Night sky
  • Feb 3rd-Animal Art
  • Feb 4th-Picture-in-Picture
  • Feb 5th-Folk Art
  • Feb 6th-Fictional Character


  • Feb 7th-Modern Mandala
  • Feb 8th-Mandala
  • Feb 9th- Portraits
  • Feb 10th-Pen art
  • Feb 11th-Pencil Sketching
  • Feb 12th-Art with Pastels
  • Feb 13th-Combinational Art

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