A three day Amritasmitham, Coordinated School Health Program, was conducted from January 21-23, 2017 at Eklavya Model Residential School, Pookode, Vythiri , Wayanad. The program was organized by the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Amrita School of Dentistry, as a part of its Health Promoting Schools initiative. The objective of the program was to improve the health and related awareness of children in a holistic manner. Activities relating of eight essential components of school health as outlined by the Centers of Disease Control were organized during the program.

Initial assessment of the school suggested that no significant efforts were made for conducting programmes that would improve the health awareness of children. It was also noted that standard operating procedures to tackle any trauma or medical emergency was non-existent. Overall general hygiene measures were also unsatisfactory. Based on these findings, a tailor-made program was devised to orient the school towards health promoting activities.

Activities Conducted

Over a period of three days, the following activities under each domain were organized:

  • Health Education for all classes through:
    • power point presentations
    • chalk and talk lectures
    • flannel graph and models
    • Health quiz
  • Physical Education
    • Introductory class to Yoga
    • Trauma skit and basic first aid demonstration
  • Nutrition Services
    • Assessment of school mess diet chart
    • Game based learning
  • Health Services
    • General , dental and eye check-up for all students (287 students)
    • Dental check-up for all staff (30 staff)
    • Preventive dental treatments for selected students (70 nos.)
  • Healthy School Environment
    • Hands-on demonstration of hand washing and tooth brushing
    • Short film on ill effects of tobacco use
    • Distribution of health related posters and calendars
    • Sapling plantation
  • Staff Health Promotion
    • General and dental health education for staff
    • Screening for oral diseases
  • Counselling, Psychological and Social Support
    • Sesssion on women’s health and problems
  • Family and Community Involvement
    • Distribution of family health booklet
    • Involvement of local political leaders in the program

The program concluded with a valedictory ceremony attended by the MLA of Kalpetta Mr. Saseendran C. K. and school management. A school was adjudged as a ‘Health Promoting School’ in the Bronze category (145/255) based on the assessment criteria. To ensure sustainability of the program and orient the school towards health promoting activities, a School Health Advisory Committee was formed which comprised of representatives from the school and our institute. Several recommendations were proposed during the meeting.

Team Members

  1. Dr. Joe Joseph (Prof and Head, Public Health Dentistry)
  2. Dr. Chandrashekar J (Prof, Public Health Dentistry)
  3. Dr Sravan Kumar (Assitant Professor, Public Health Dentistry)
  4. Dr. Venkitachalam (PG, Public Health Dentistry)
  5. Dr. Bobby Antony (PG, Public Health Dentistry)
  6. Dr. Naveen Varghese (PG, Public Health Dentistry)
  7. Dr. Vinita Sanjeevan (PG, Public Health Dentistry)
  8. Dr. Vineetha K (PG, Public Health Dentistry)
  9. Dr. Heljo Joseph (PG, Public Health Dentistry)
  10. Dr. Ajmal (PG, Pedodontics)
  11. Dr. Arjun Babu (PG, Preventive and Community Medicine)
  12. Dr. Vignesh (House surgeon)
  13. Dr. Surraj (House surgeon)
  14. Dr. Mugdha (House surgeon)

Event Details
2017-01-21 09:00 to 2017-01-23 16:00
School of Dentistry