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Water Management Survey at Pandori (Jammu), Dunda (Uttarakhand) and Ratanpur/Hadiyabad (Bihar)

Water Management Survey at Pandori (Jammu), Dunda (Uttarakhand) and Ratanpur/Hadiyabad (Bihar)
2016-08-01 @ 8:00 AM – 2016-08-31 @ 5:00 PM

The department of Civil Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering Combatore Campus, students conducts a Water Management Survey at Pandori (Jammu), Dunda (Uttarakhand) and Ratanpur/Hadiyabad (Bihar).The report is:

  • Pandori(Jammu)
  • Dunda(Uttarakashi)
  • Ratanpur and Hadiyabad(Bihar)

Present Status: The drinking water available from hand pumps (depth: 50 ft) are not drinkable as per test reports.

People interacted: Villagers, Sarpanj, Ward member, Executive Engineer, JE/Supervisor, , Foreman, PA to MLA Kathua

Work done: There is existing water supply scheme from the Govt with overhead tank (20000 L) and pipelines laid which is not operational regularly. Amrita team made a representation to Executive Engineer Sri. Sumeet K Puri who told no body brought this matter to his attention. He instructed JE Sri. Anil Pathak to look into the matter and do the needful. A four member team led by Foreman Sri. Ashok visited the village and checked pipelines and connections. Water was supplied next day for 5-10 minutes but motor damaged. The mechanic is repairing the motor. It needs to be followed up. A villagers meeting was held where awareness was created to drink pure water available from supply and to avoid hand pump water. volunteers identified to follow up and ensure regular water supply from the Govt.

Way forward:

  1. Follow up with JE for regular supply of water.
  2. In worst case, a deep boring and separate pipelines can be provided at the village (approx cost: 3lacs). Good water is available at depth greater than 100 ft.


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