As part of Government of India’s Swachatha Hi Seva 2018 initiative and AMMA’s directions, Coimbatore campus organized Clean India Drive and Awareness Campaign at various places in Coimbatore on Saturday, 15th September 2018.

Interested students are requested to contact their respective class advisors/counsellors to register their names to participate in this unique campaign.

Selected Locations

Singanallur Bus Stand Integrated Programs (Science + Maths + English) + academic co-ordinator office, library
Mettupalayam Bus Stand Cyber, CEN, HSAF+OSW
Chavdi Bus Stop to Thirumalayampalayam Bus Stop ECE EIE, Accounts, Admin, Exam office, Registrar office, VC office, Swamiji's office
Chavdi Bus Stop to Periyaputhur Village CSE, Academic co-ordination office, ACIRI, CES
Chinnaputhur Village (Near Ettimadai) EEE, CIR, Gen admin, PGP office, admission office
Chavdi Bus Stop towards Velanthavalam Road MEE, ICTS, GM Purchase department, physical education
Specific locations from Ettimadai Pirivu to Railway Station AERO, CHEMICAL, CIVIL, ASB, HR, Cultural Education, Hostels

ASCOM – Photography & Videography, MSW – Awareness campaign, ESTATE OFFICE, SITE OFFICE – Distributed to all venues

SCHEDULE - 8:00am : Buses for volunteers will start from campus

Duty List for Volunteers

The team consists of:

Main coordinators –> Department / Venue Coordinators –> Faculty In charge for a group of 20 students & Department In-Charges for various committees –> Student Volunteers.

Specific locations for cleaning within the bus stand (bus stand bays) will be allotted to each team of 20 students (including 2 student In-charges) members with Faculty In charge by the department coordinators.

The sequence of the cleaning activities for a team consists of:

  1. Removal of Cobwebs on the roof of bus stand bays using broom stick. [5 members]
  2. Removal of litters in and around the bay (Collect Plastic & Non-plastic wastes separately) [5 members]
  3. Water wash on the Walls and Floors to remove stickers (advertisements), Pan masala stains etc. Water will be stocked in large containers in the same bay. [5 members]
  4. Use brushes to remove hard stains on the Walls and Floor. [5 members]
  5. Collecting the waste in sacks/ buckets and place it in the containers marked to collect the waste.
  6. Distribute the pamphlets to the public, prepared for the awareness
  7. Final Water washing to remove all the dirt and sweeping the water remains in floor/wall/passenger seats in the bus stand.
  8. Fixing the graphical stickers for ‘Do not litter, ‘Do not spit here’, etc. in the cleaned wall.

Please note that one volunteer can do multiple activities and the numbers of volunteers mentioned above is only an indicator. Distribution of cleaning tools and other materials will be done by Department Coordinator.

Event Details
2018-09-15 09:00 to 16:00