Dr. Fausto Giunchiglia visited Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and gave a talk on "One World and Seven Thousand Languages", on Februay 16, 2018

In this talk he discussed his current research work which aims at collecting the 7000 plus languages of the world and integrating them into a single semantics - aware architecture where the meaning of words across languages can be compared.

In his talk then he showed how the resource built in this way can then be used to statistically study the diversity of the world language while at the same time allowing to model the many different ways in which they capture the unity of the world.

Dr. Fausto Giunchiglia is a Professor of Computer Science at University of Trento, Italy. Pro Fausto Giunchiglia has contributed to the development of various software systems. He has lead and developed in part the implementation of the GETFOL system, a complete reimplementation of Richard Weyhrauch FOL system.He has started and led in the first phase the implementation of the NuSMV model checker, now gone Open Source.

He have done research in many different, but related areas. Some keywords which could be used to describe his work are (in decreasing order of generality): Artificial Intelligence, Formal Methods, Software Engineering (to some extent), automated reasoning, theorem proving, model checking, planning, contexts and contextual reasoning (and logics for modeling it), abstract reasoning, meta-theoretic reasoning, reasoning about propositional attitudes (belief mainly), integration of reasoning systems, agents and agent oriented software engineering, Peer-to- Peer data bases, knowledge management, contextual ontologies, "diversity in knowledge management"!

Dr. Fausto Giunchiglia

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2018-02-16 12:00 to 13:00
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