Vidyuth, the departmental forum of EEE and the student chapter of IEEE PES jointly steered an interesting and interactive session on 6th of October, 2016. The event focused on on-going research in Hybrid Vehicles with mentions of the latent potential for vast growth in future. The session commenced with an attention-grabbing video on hybrid vehicle construction and working. The speakers of the session Mr. Jayathertha (Year III, EEE) and Ms. Gopika(Year III, EEE) explained the present scenario in the practical world by putting forward the types of hybrid vehicles, advantages, disadvantages, their manufacturing companies which made the students more involved. The question and answer session at the end made the session more lively and a grand success.
ECIF, the forum of the Dept. of ECE then began its first Gadget Geek session with the trailer of The Imitation Game, a movie revolving around deciphering the German Enigma during World War 2. Mr. Varma (II year, ECE) explained in detail the intricacies and complexities of the Enigma, with the permutations involved. He concluded his presentation with a talk on modern ways of securing personal data, including PINs, passwords and the ever loved pattern locks on phones.
Mr. Manoj A. (II year, ECE) then took over, and went on to explain the time tested technologies like RFID, NFC, Trust Keys, and the captivating fingerprint sensor, using informative videos to convey his ideas better. His presentation ended with a small talk on Voice Recognition systems. Ms. Radhika. (II year, ECE) explained the fascinating methods of Face recognition, Iris scanning and Retina scanning, along with a video of the Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner in action. She finished with a comparison between iris and retina scanning.
The first episode of Gadget Geek culminated with a video of John Oliver’s interview of Edward Snowden, and talked about the need to have longer, better passwords.

Event Details
2016-10-06 15:30 to 16:15
Electrical and Electronics
School of Engineering