The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Coimbatore campus is organizing an ISRO sponsored National Seminar onTechniques and Applications of Hyperspectral Image Analysis on April 19th-20th, 2016.

About the Workshop

Over the past decade hyperspectral imaging has matured into a powerful and a wieldy technology in remote sensing and other research areas. Hyperspectral imagery (HSI) provides detailed spectral information in each pixel. The narrow bands in HSI over a wide range of wavelengths can enable excellent discrimination capability for subtly different target classes compared to multispectral or other imaging modalities. The availability of this rich information in HSI can also be a drawback as this becomes a challenge to efficiently process them. This needs to be tackled by exploring and developing new methodologies for processing HSI data. The major application fields of hyperspectral image processing includes but not limited to

  • Geology -  Mineral detection, Cover homogeneity
  • Defense - Target detection, Mine detection
  • Public safety - Logistics &operations, Fire risk, floods
  • Regulation & Policy making-Urban growth Settlements, population movements


  • Introduction to Hyperspectral  and Multispectral Image Processing
  •  LIDAR  Image Processing
  • Algorithms and application areas of hyperspectral image processing
  • Advanced  spatial statistical methods for high dimensional satellite data processing  and analysis.
  • Fuzzy sets, granular computing on hyperspectral images

Some of the widely studied problems in HSI community:

  • Land cover classification.
  • Target detection (Civilian and Military applications)
  • Estimation of biophysical parameters of targets.
  • Detection of soil properties such as moisture, organic content, and salinity
  • Coastal monitoring, mapping forestry vegetation types, and mineral mapping. 
  • Detection and estimation of vegetation stress due to events like oil spill.
  • Estimation of herbicide drifts and other diseases on agricultural crops.  
  • Estimation of the abundance and mixture of materials per pixel.
  • Feature extraction/Selection.
  • Supervised, unsupervised and Active Learning Methods under limited training sets.
  • Spatial-Temporal classification methods
  •  Pixel un-mixing and compression

The challenges of HSI processing includes

  • Hughes phenomenon of limited ground truth availability.
  • Real time analysis and understanding.
  • Development of algorithms that utilizes HPC and parallel processing capabilities.
  • Need for integrated software/hardware solutions in  hyperspectral imaging
  • Development of processing algorithms on several types of  parallel platforms, including commodity clusters of computers, large scale distributed systems, and specialized hardware architectures

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2016-04-19 09:30 to 2016-04-20 17:30