The IEEE Power Electronics Society Student branch chapter of ASE, Bengaluru organized a Distinguished Lecture on 16th January 2017 from 2.30pm to 4.00pm on the topic “Distributed Clean Energy Infrastructure” by Prof. Krishna Shenai, in Amriteshwari hall of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru. About 150 members attended the DLP out of which 50 were IEEE members, 3 members from other university and one member from industry.

Dr. Shenai is a Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of American Physical Society, a Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science, a Senior Fellow of The Computation Institute at The University of Chicago, a University Scholar of the University of Illinois, and a member of Serbian Academy of Engineers. He has three dozen graduate student dissertations and founded and managed two successful VC-financed startup companies to successful outcomes. He has authored over 450 peer-reviewed archived papers, 3 books, and 10 book chapters, edited 15 conference digests, and holds 13 issued US patents.

The program started with welcome speech by Dr. Deepa K, followed by the introduction and achievements of the speaker Dr.Shenai by Dr.Rashmi M.R. It was then handed over the session to the guest speaker, who started the lecture by giving the audience a glimpse on the history of electricity and discussed about the power grid system across the world, highly focussing on India’s grid. The main focus point throughout the talk is to generate, store, and utilize DC electricity locally from clean and sustainable energy sources without the need of long transmission line and distribution system which enables the possibility for transformational changes in the electric utility and transportation infrastructures. He gave a complete insight of DC electricity which enhances the system, provides wide efficiency and reduces the overall cost.

Dr. Shenai discussed DC and hybrid microgrids powered by distributed clean energy sources such as wind and solar PV systems which rapidly contribute to human development around the world, and especially in emerging economies. Likewise, electric vehicles powered with clean energy technologies have the potential to dramatically impact the impending global climate changes. He further discussed the AC high voltage distribution system drawbacks i.e it's fragile, inefficient, not resilient to natural disasters and the solutions needed for its improvement for the smart grid technology by micro-grids which is a local grid and its energy is connected to the utility grid.

Dr. Shenai gave a note on the modern boom in the field of power electronics and hybrid electric vehicles and also discussed the importance and advantage of DC energy. The Distinguished Lecture conducted by PELS chapter of ASE, Bengaluru was very informative and motivational for the audience The talk provided the current status and emerging trends in this strategic technology. The program concluded by felicitation and vote of thanks. 


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2018-01-16 14:30 to 16:00
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
School of Engineering