IEEE International Symposium on Education, Technology and Entrepreneurship (ISEE) is the flagship symposium by the IEEE Student Branch, Amrita VishwaVidyapeetham. The program aimed at bringing various academic disciplines under a single forum. ISEE2013 consisted of various science and technology based lectures and workshops. The symposium was held on July 28, 2013. ISEE attracted participation from all over India, and seek to provide collegiate students with a platform to excel in their talents. ISEE was entirely student managed and embraces uniqueness in appearance and management.ISEE 2013, attended by over 700 students from colleges across South India, turned out to be one of the biggest events conducted in the Kerala section.

ISEE 2013 had a grand inauguration with the chief guest “Dr. GopalKrisha, MD of Maxim Integrated Circuits India, Dr. Rajesh Elara,Prof SUTD,Singapore, Mr.Sreenivasan , Chairman of IEEE Kerala Section , Dr.Sankaran, Principal, Amrita School of Engineering and Mr.RajeshKannan ,SB Counselor. Dr. Gopal Krishna delivered the keynote address followed by Dr.RajeshElara’s talk on robotics for a better living.

Track Listings and Respective Programs

  • Track -1: Signal Processing
  • Track – 2: Industrial Electronics
  • Track -3: Robotics and Automation
  • Track -4: Networking
  • Track- 5: Computer Science
  • Track -6: Entrepreneurship
  • Track-7: Education
  • Track 8: Photography

Track -1: Signal Processing
The Signal Processing Society student chapter in association with Amrita IEEE SB organized a webinar on RF MEMS by Mr.SrinathBalachandranfrom and a workshop on wavelet transforms by Dr.AnubhaGupta from IIIT, Hyderabad. Both the session saw an enthusiastic participation of over 70 students from colleges across south India. The webinar provided insight on RF MEMS and its applications in the present day.

Track– 2: Industrial Electronics
The seminar on 'Design for Testability' under the track Industrial Electronics was handled by Mr.Arjun Ashok from Intel Corporation. A total number of 120 students from various colleges around Kerala attended the seminar. The session was interactive and gave a deep insight on chip testing and error detection techniques. It ended with problem solving exercise.The afternoon session on introduction to embedded system multitasking was taken by Mr.VysakhPillai from Cisco Network Technologies. In the MPLAB integrated environment, students built various multitasking programmers using PIC microcontroller.

Track -3: Robotics and Automation
The workshop on “Designing Robots for a Better Living” held as a part of ISEE 2013 was opened by a thought-provoking lecture by Dr Mohan Rajesh Eara ( Prof SUTD,Singapore ), about the need for the Service Robots and its advances in artificial intelligence, mechanics, sensing, actuation, and control in the past two decades. This lecture was followed by a hand-on workshop to design a robot which boosted up the intellectual thoughts for designing a service robots of many kinds which included scorpio, snake, humanoids, picker etc, depending upon the various practical applications

Track -4: Networking
Events under networking track were organized by IEEE Communications Society, Amrita student branch chapter. It included two sessions -a seminar on “Recent trends in Network securities”, by Mr.Prabhaharan, Assistant Professor with Amrita Cyber Security Center and a workshop on “Software Defined Networking (SDN)”.

Track- 5: Computer Science
The workshop was organised by IEEE Computer Science Society, Amrita Student Branch. The workshop was led by Mr Anoop Vijay, Head of Amrita ICTS. Participants were given hands on session on distributed computing. Topics on virtualization, including concepts, architecture and soft wares used, were also covered. Cloud platforms like Open stack and Cloud stack were used to simulate a local cloud network. The event was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. 140 students from all over Kerala attended the workshop

Track-6: Entrepreneurship
The event was attended by over70 students from colleges all over Kerala. This track showcased two great entrepreneurs with abundant experience in this field. Mr.ShameerThaha, CEO of DecideQuick and Mr.SnehalShetty, Vice President of Amrita TBI, Amritapuriguided the young budding entrepreneurs. This was followed by hands on session by Mr.SnehalShetty. The session ended with a project given to the students wherein they were divided into teams and were asked to build business models for various firms.

Track-7: Education
The education track included two programs exclusively for higher secondary school students. It had a session on virtual labs from Create at Amrita and a career guidance session. Both the sessions were attended by 40 students from Amrita VidyalayamHaripad. Both were really resourceful and were well received by the students.

Career guidance.
The event was conducted as a 4 hour session for the students on career guidance by Mr.Jayesh who is an expert in this field and is a student trainee under the Career Launcher team.

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2013-07-28 09:00 to 17:30
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