Ammachi Labs conducted Integrity and Optimal Performance training with Emanuele Anchorini from March 3 - September 3, 2016.

Resource Person: Emanuele Ancorini from New York City, is a former National Champion and professional Figure Skater with over 20 years experience as a Figure Skating Coach and 5 years of coaching and consulting as a Life and Business Coach. Aside from working as an Actor in Commercials, Film and TV, he is also trained to lead seminars for Landmark Worldwide and has trained in Life-Coaching at the Coaches Trainings Institute. Currently Emanuele is writing corporate coaching seminars and courses and focusing on the joy of fathering.

Workshop Introduction:

The hidden relationship between Integrity and performance.

The purpose of the course is to provide unambiguous and actionable access to optimal performance for persons and organizations.

For human beings, the medium for creation is one’s word. How one invents a new possibility, shares possibility, enrolls others in it, is all through one’s word.

  • But have you ever heard the saying: Talk is Cheap?
  • Well, we say that talk isn’t cheap; people cheapen talk.
  • One way we cheapen our talk is by making promises and agreements and then not honoring them.

We can’t expect our word to have power if we don’t honor our promises.

Objective: In this course we will discover that the level of integrity causes the level of performance and you will learn what it takes to increase your performance.

Outcome: There was a positive impact of the training. Please find below several comments found in the evaluations of the training:

  • Understood how much integrity plays a vital role in our communications and tasks. Understanding where I am weak and how to improve those areas can be learnt if I go through the entire course.
  • Works at grass-root level with communications and building truthful and healthy relations.
  • Teacher reaching out to every student and making sure they catching up with context.
  • Course if followed on daily basis can make him/her reliable and positive.”
  • Increased awareness and being alert
  • Self analysis
  • Decision making
  • Ability to confront and go through challenging moments
  • Accountability
  • More focus towards life and work

The difficult part was to find common timing to meet, as all of the attendees had very hectic schedules

There were several individual sessions, Q&A, plenary sessions and home work. All this contributed to the success of this training. The facilitator was really available, kind and patient

Conclusion: The training helped Ammachilabs team members to develop their ability to introspect, develop awareness on their words and actions, to transform slowly their interactions in a professional environment. The training in itself was a success.

Attendees: Abhilash KK, Jgyananand S, Radhika Mohan, Ranga Venkataraman, Sreejith Kumar S, Swetha Chidurala, and many more.

Event Details
2016-03-03 09:00 to 2016-08-04 17:00
Ammachi labs