There are 382 hospitals in India equipped with telemedicine facilities. These serve a large number of remote health centers, where almost 1.5 lakh patients can avail the benefits.

These facts were noted by Dr. R. Krishnan, Dean, Academic Affairs, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum, while inaugurating the International Conference on Communication Technology and System Design (ICCTSD 2011) at the Amrita campus in Coimbatore.

The theme of the conference was Electronics and Communication Technology for the Social Development of Mankind.

The conference was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore during December 7-9, 2011.

Highlighting the importance of communication technologies, Dr. Krishnan said, “In remote areas, people don’t have good medical facilities. Therefore, telemedicine communication technologies are being used for diagnosis.”

Dr. Krishnan’s inaugural talk was followed by keynote speeches delivered by eminent experts including Dr. John A. Chandy, University of Connecticut, USA; Dr. Juha Plosila, University of Turku, Finland; Dr. Pasi Liljeberg, University of Turku, Finland and Dr. Risto Wichman, Aalto University, Finland.


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2011-12-07 09:00 to 2011-12-09 17:00
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