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Kalakriti’19 Annual Talent Hunt – Amrita Bengaluru Campus

Kalakriti’19 Annual Talent Hunt – Amrita Bengaluru Campus
2019-08-23 @ 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru, organised Kalakriti’19, the Annual Talent Hunt for freshmen, on August 23, 2019. The inaugural ceremony commenced with the lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest Prof. Rakesh S.G., Associate Dean and Ms. G.S. Jyotsna, Co-Chair, Amritadhaara. The event started with a soulful rendition by Ms. Karthika Vinod, Secretary, Raaga (S5-CSE). Prof. Rakesh S.G., then introduced the Kalakriti working team 2019-20 to the gathering and the fest was declared open. The Quiz Club hosted events like ‘Time LAPSE’ and ‘Baap of Quizzes’ which made the young quizzers rack their brains and test their general knowledge on various topics. EPIC, the Movie Club, aimed to bring out the prospective actors, actresses and film makers through events like ‘Short film Making’ and ‘Advertisement Making’. Abhinaya, the drama club, hosted events like ‘Skit it’ and ‘Shamitabh’ which put the participant’s thespian art on stage. Raaga, the music club, conducted ‘Voice of Kalakriti’ – solo singing event, and ‘Let the music speak’- solo instrumental event, which brought out the musical talents. SMRITI, the photography club, asked budding photographers to capture the whole fest in ‘Photographer of Kalakriti’. In collaboration with Prakriti-the eco club, Smriti conducted ‘Nature pixel’, an event which made the freshers focus their lens on the beautiful nature present in the college campus. Prakriti gave the nature lovers a platform to conserve nature through an event like ‘Dunkle Welt’. The Sanskrit club conducted fun events like ‘Sanskrit Coding’ and ‘Sanskrit Sudoku’ which promoted the language and engage the fresher’s attention to it. SPICMACAY. The Indian fine arts club fostered the various aspects of Indian culture by organizing events such as ‘ChowkaBhara’ and ‘Go Tattoo’. Narthana, the dance club, let the participants flaunt their suave moves in events like ‘One Man Show’ and ‘Le Group’. Kala, the fine art club, organized events like ‘Scribble away’ and ‘Face painting’ which attracted art enthusiasts and gave them an opportunity to showcase their craft. Squad, the Adventure Enthusiasts Club, encouraged the young fitness freaks to take up challenges presented to them in events like ‘Rapid Run’ and ‘Crazy cluster’. The Humour club motivated the freshers to bring out their witty and jocular aspect through events like ‘Rub a Dub Dub’ and ‘Spotify’. Prerana, the social outreach club, held events like ‘Pop the confusion’ and along with Vedanta- the cultural club, the hosted ‘Padmavyuham’. Chetana, the Sports Club fostered competitive spirit in the freshmen through events like ‘Gaming’ and ‘Treasure Hunt’. Lekhani, the press club, measured the participant’s lexicon and spontaneity through events like “Spell BEE’. Maardhani, the literary club gave the young orators to speak for the the sides in a debate through ‘Turncoat’. ICON, the flagship event of Kalakriti was hosted by Lekhani and Maardhani club, which crowned Ms. Malvika Rathi (S1-CSE) as Ms. Kalakriti after a series of rounds which tested the contestants based on their talents and personality. The food stalls with an assortment of food items being served. The magnificent fest culminated with the closing ceremony and announcements of results of all the events. Ms. Janima Behn (S3-CSE) delivered the vote of thanks and expressed gratitude to ICTS and Amritadhaara members for making this fest memorable.

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