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LitWeek – Amrita Bengaluru Campus

LitWeek – Amrita Bengaluru Campus
2019-02-04 @ 9:00 AM – 2019-02-08 @ 4:00 PM

The Literary clubs of ASE-B : The Humour Club, Lekhani-the Press Club, Maardhani-the Literary Club and The Quiz Club came together to organize ‘Litweek’ from February 4-8, 2019.

The week started with ‘MASQUERADE’, which was a wonderful blend of humour, drama and elocution with the participants having to deliver a speech in character as the situation given to them. Topics ranged from subjects like – a General giving a rallying speech to his army, a daughter-in-law refusing to pay dowry, a son convincing his parents about a career in being a Youtuber among many others. The participants efficiently captured the essence of their characters, delivering their speeches with the utmost conviction and vigour, making the most of their time on stage and letting their imaginations take the wheel.

In ‘CAPTION IT’, participants were shown a set of pictures and were expected to write a funny and witty caption. The event garnered entertaining responses.

‘SPELLING BEE’ tested the language abilities of the participants. In the two rounds, the participants were required to spell out commonly used words that are often overlooked, a challenge that the participants took up enthusiastically. At the end, the event proved the importance of keeping an eye out for the correct spellings.

‘LITQUIZ’ with questions based on modern culture tested the participants’ decrypting skills and their familiarity with contemporary affairs.

In the culminating event, ‘CUT-IT-TO-FIVE’ the participants were given funny situations and were required to speak out a dialogue each. The major catch in the event was that each dialogue had to be made up of only ‘five’ words (not a word more or less). Each one got a chance to speak out one dialogue. Framing a dialogue consisting of exactly five words was slightly difficult, but it added to the humour of the event. The participants tried hard to find the right words for the dialogue and many times ended up in creating some uproarious statements. This event marked the end of LitWeek and the audience hoped to participate in more such events.

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