A three day program, Naipunyam 2013- Workshop on Clinical Diagnosis, for the 2006 batch internees was organizd as a part of their Graduation Day celebrations. It was an attempt to give the best part of Clinical Skills which is a necessary requirement for any Physician before entering to the clinical practice.

First day, Dr. Gopakumar, Assistant Professor Govt. Ayurveda college, Kannur, gave a brief lecture on Functional Anatomy of CNS. He explained several modern pathologies in relation to the system with its Ayurvedic correlations. There was a demonstration session on the clinical examination. He evidently taught the way of examination. Furthermore, he explained about the treatment protocol of pathologies in which this system is involved.

Second day, Dr. Nikhil Chandra, Lecturer, Rajiv Gandhi Ayurveda Medical College, Mahi, delivered a short lecture on Examination of Respiratory System. He explained the techniques of examination and then practically demonstrated them in a patient. He shared his clinical experiences also.

Dr. Shibu Varghese, Medical Superintendent, Nangeli Ayurveda College, Kothamangalam, conveyed a valuable information on Radiology. He explained how to diagnose with the help of different radiological tools.

Dr. Ajayan S. Associate Professor, Ayuveda College, Coimbatore, delivered a short lecture on Management of Grdhrasi using Agasthya Marma Technique. He practically demonstrated the marma massage which can be adopted in the treatment of Grdhrasi. He listed out some of the rare formulations applicable for Grdhrasi, but used in Agasthya Marma technique. Altogether the session was an informative one.

Finally the third day, Dr. L. Mahadevan, Managing Director, Sree Saarada Ayurveda Hospital, Kanyakumari, explained about the importance of correct diagnosis of each pathology. He demonstrated case taking; giving importance to history and also taught how to select a particular drug depending on the stage of disease and site of its occurrence. It was a very valuable session.

Event Details
2013-04-11 09:30 to 2013-04-13 17:30
School of Ayurveda